Roadside Massacre

Roadside Massacre

Five college friends take a detour while traveling to their spring break destination. They end up in the remote mountain town of Blueridge, where Karen (Marina Resa) believes her older sister went missing 2 years before. After a few odd encounters with the locals, Karen and her friends decide to continue their journey until an unexpected auto malfunction leaves them stranded. The group takes refuge in a local motel and soon learns that in Blueridge, "missing persons" is just a way of life. One-by-one they begin disappearing until the grizzly discovery is made that the local BBQ Rib Restaurant might be serving up more than anyone had bargained.

Five college students go to Blueridge on their spring vacation. After their car go wrong, they are stranded. They spend some days in a local motel and terrible things happen. One-by-one they begin disappearing and soon find out that the BBQ restaurant nearby maybe the cause. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric S (fr) wrote: twas a typical chick flick, i liked it because of i saw it at like 10:00 with a bunch of friends on halloween night, so i can't really judge it that well

Ron C (de) wrote: Gripping war movie from the eyes of an 11-year old that tries to keep from getting "recruited" into the army. Reagan funded much of the war but there is only a brief mention at the end without identifying which president.

Tanner S (mx) wrote: This movie is a little piece of shit!

Mike C (it) wrote: This is a good documentary, but not as good as the History Channel program 102 Minutes that Changed America. The HC show was completely unfilitered footage as things happen, and was shown from many perspectives. It's the best I've seen by far of showing the tragedy as it unfolded. This also shows a lot, and definitely has a lot more insider stuff. It also shows the aftermath more than the HC program. It is a documentary though, and some of the scenes with the music are just a bit much. That's why I prefer the raw footage. All in all, heck of a story and glad that firehouse survived.

Rhea B (ru) wrote: Scary/Sad docu abt homeless children

Robert H (au) wrote: It's 80s style gange warfare in this rape/revenge meets highschool teen comedy/drama. What happens when your sister gets raped and your best friend who's about to get married gets killed simply because you took a the car of a street gang for a joy ride and dumped trash in it?You buy a bunch of weapons and kill the bastards... to an 80s soundtrack.And that's essentially Savage Streets in a nutshell. To watch the trailer is to pretty much watch the entire movie. You don't get quite everything but you get all the main parts... so don't watch the trailer.If you love 80s style and music mixed in with an American Graffiti style highschool drama you enjoy Savage Streets... especially if you like a little action styled revenge come time for the film to climax.Clearly the film uses sex as the main selling point as it is not only a main part of the story (the rape) but the kids are constantly talking about it whether out on the town or even in class. There's also a very gratuitous shower scene that eventually turns into a very long girl on girl shower fight (clothing not optional here sorry). While I think the end of the film should have taken a different path to completion, it still manages to satisfy. Linda Blair is very nice on the eyes and imo the best of the bunch... which makes sense being the main character.This film is trash, full of trash, uses trash, and really needs a garbage man to clean it up and toss it out... but it's the right kind of trash so we'll forgive him for not taking out the garbage here cause sometimes... just sometimes... you need a little something that isn't clean and polished but more dirty and grungy.

Terri H (jp) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Tradd R (fr) wrote: Could have been so much better. With an absolutely amazing cast, Andrew Dominik missed the mark with his attempt to compare politics and crime by overlaying Bush and Obama speeches that only distract from the storytelling. So much potential, yet so little payoff. Unfortunate.

jennifer c (au) wrote: If you're going to watch this film for any reason, watch it because it's a story that everyone should know, golfers and non-golfers alike. Besides the highly convincing acting from Jos Luis Gutirrez as young Seve, the humble farm on a beach setting and placement of real footage of adult Seve playing golf are very well executed. Seeing Seve practice for countless hours on the beach juxtaposed with his success at THE MASTERS (!!) truly showcases the hard work he put into his life passion. Looking for motivation to achieve your dreams? Look no further than Seve: The Movie.

Snehil K (de) wrote: SLIVER is good for only 2 things.. SHARON STONE AND Movie's Soundtrack. Nothing else is worth to remember. (Read complete review below) Everything in this movie is AVERAGE. The only reason I watched the complete movie because of SHARON STONE. There are so many weak points in the story. Most of the time.. Suspense of the movie seems predictable during the movie but when mystery comes out.. you won't feel anything. Why Killer killed 3 people is still mystery even though.. in last scene the identity of killer is out. No strong motive there. High Points - 1. Sharon Stone 2. Soundtrack of the Movie (Really Exotic Tune) {Very Good} 3. Intimate scenes b/w Stone and Baldwin are very nice. Low Points - 1. William Baldwin and Tom Berenger 2. Screenplay and Direction 3. Weak Storyline 4. Ending Scenes - 1. Zeke tell his secret hobbies to Carly. DIRECTION is below average. CINEMATOGRAPHY is alright. SCREENPLAY is bad. SHARON STONE- Stone is insanely hot and beautiful in the movie. Her presence in the movie is enough to make you watch till the end, even though the storyline is so lame. Performance wise, STONE is average.. nothing special like BASIC INSTINCT here. WILLIAM BALDWIN- The actor is good to look at but really need crash course in acting. No Face expression at all. TOM BERENGER- Nothing special... just average!! Rest of the cast.. not worth to mention. IF YOU ARE SHARON STONE'S FAN.. WATCH IT. MOVIE IS WEAK AND DULL.

D S (fr) wrote: Awesome movie. I loved the struggle of Clive Owens character

Tyler R (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed it. A lot more more scary and freaky then any of the other sequels. Very creepy and suspenseful. The plot was a predictable but moved at a quick pace and had a very intense climax.

Ben H (nl) wrote: typical lads film - Classic and original from the franchise and the first of those lad films that came after it