Roba da ricchi

Roba da ricchi

3 episodes set in Montecarlo. In the first one a priest is compelled to become the lover of a princess. In the second, a con woman tries to cheat an insurance man. In the third, a man has ...

3 episodes set in Montecarlo. In the first one a priest is compelled to become the lover of a princess. In the second, a con woman tries to cheat an insurance man. In the third, a man has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily A (au) wrote: Its weirdness is similar to this year's "The Lobster" but offers more than a 16 year old's cynical outlook on relationships (basically that everybody is a selfish machine). This is disturbing in the right ways and actually offers some complexity - showing the dehumanization of idealizing those we love.

Adrian B (gb) wrote: The only thing I wanted to do was stop the movie and save myself from any more torture

Sierra C (us) wrote: This movie is my favorite movie, and trust me I know thats ridiculous. But I cant help it. The colors, soundtrack, racing, all of it, I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I have seen it so many times and I know it is mostly for kids and It is supposed to be really cheesy and nobody else likes it but this movie is my whole life and I will defend it to the grave. RIP my taste in movies but trust me, I am so alive and it is because of you Speed Racer, I love you.

Gary K (nl) wrote: An account of how the "War on Terror" was expanded to include another failed effort to win "War on Drugs." Surprisingly, marijuana laws aren't the focus. Zealots in the DOJ are as much of a threat in post-9/11 America as anyone else attempting to overthrow our freedoms.

Rina D (gb) wrote: Very funny (which earns it the extra star) but a bit more serious than I thought it would be. Glen Robbins is a genius.

Andrew W (gb) wrote: Quite possibly one of the worst sports movies I've ever seen. I actually remember watching the trailer for for this movie and was in awe of the stunts I saw. Unfortunately cool stunts never distract for an underwritten story. The plot was linear, the characters were bland and forgettable, and the cinematogprahy looked so awkwardly uneven. It seriously gave me the impression that these characters were being followed by some random guy who just happened to have a camcorder. Do yourself a favor. If you want to see motorcross watch it on ESPN because if you saw this on the big screen you'd be asking yourself the same question I asked myself after I walked out of the theater, "Why didn't I just stay at home and watch this?"

Arturo V (br) wrote: Hyper-violence, intense camera moves, Monica Belluci, this movie has everything.

scott g (ca) wrote: the first hour was interesting and dident really know where it was heading, but i felt it lost it a bit towards end, even though there was interesting topical stuff being brought up

Curtis W (jp) wrote: Bizarre I guess is the adjective probably most used when describing this western directed by and starring the recently departed Marlon Brando. I thought it was notable for its excellent cast of traditional western heavies -- guys like Ben Johnson and Slim Pickens. And Karl Malden falls right in among those guys as another memorable heavy. I guess its bizarre simply for the presence of Brando. In the lead role as a bank robber seeking revenge against his old buddy (Malden) who left him high and dry after a caper in Mexico, he affects a weird, indecipherable drawl so that you can only guess what he's saying. Probably he's saying the usual western stuff. Ah shucks. Howdy ma'am. Head 'em off at the pass. That sort of thing. This was another of the films I acquired from the States. It's part of a four-film collection of westerns that I bought for $5 at a farm store. The quality is surprisingly good, as the transfer and sound are clear and it is presented in widescreen. Special features are nil, however. There's not even English subtitles so I can understand what Brando is saying. The set also includes some made-for-TV movies, The Over the Hill Gang and The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again.

John G (fr) wrote: Tyrone Powers and Susan Hayward. Though written by Dudley Nichols this is no "Stagecoach." Powers is too old for his role. Hayward gives one of her typical tougher than steal, hard-boiled performances. Good cast of supporting actors including Edgar Buchanan, Jeff Corey and Dean Jagger. However, the real highlight is Jack Elam's crazed portrayal as one of the escaped convicts.

Emily W (ag) wrote: Inspiring events, uplifting story and great performances from Harris and Ellison though some over dragged out scenes