A dramatization of the Great Train Robbery. While not a 'how to', it is very detail dependent, showing the care and planning that took place to pull it off.

A dramatization of the Great Train Robbery. While not a 'how to', it is very detail dependent, showing the care and planning that took place to pull it off. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam D (es) wrote: An entertaining movie for the 82 minutes it lasted.There's enough here to keep you watching but not enough to bring you back, or to leave you wanting a sequel.Josh Brolin is convincingly gruff and Michael fasbender steals his scenes.

Steve H (de) wrote: Part 'Cheaper by the Dozen,' part 'Christmas with the Kranks,' this dysfunctional family holiday movie is based on a fun concept that would have been a riot on the stage, where the source material comes from, but as a movie it is filled with misdirection, an unfocused script, and not fully developed characters and subplots. Still, there is more than enough funny and touching moments here to make this a holiday movie worth the watch.

R P (es) wrote: This movie is the best. It's fantastic

Chris J (ag) wrote: OOOOOOOOOOOOklahoma!

Jared S (nl) wrote: SAVING PRIVATE RYAN review: I don't thank I have ever had a harder time watching a film. Saving Private Ryan is about a make-shift task force, led by Captain Miller, assigned by the highest rank to search for Private Ryan and bring him, the last sibling of his family alive, home to his mother following the Normandy landings. This is probably the most patriotic movie ever made, in all seriousness, but is not for the faint of heart. The opening invasion scene ALONE showcases absolutely horrifying depictions of injuries, chaos, emotion, and all around extremely disgusting imagery, shot in hauntingly beautiful handheld cam, often held by Spielberg himself, in hands-DOWN, the most visually immersive film I've ever seen. The characters are very realistic as well, with layers, and not just one definitive personality trait, but rather agreeing with one another, and subduing emotion during scarring moments, and for the most part, we don't rely on backstory to relate to the heros, but rather their acting and live delivery in intimate conversations. The narrative is beautifully woven in with subtle thoughts expressed between characters to build up to the extremely powerful message near the end. Overall, this is a nearly flawless film with world class camerawork and cinematography, Oscar worthy performances, and home-hitting themes and moments. Saving Private Ryan is a 10/10

Nick B (au) wrote: What the hell was this a movie where Emilio Estevest is the hero and Mick Jagger is the bad guy, it's amazing the crazy shit that went on in the 90s. Pretty weak future movie. Had some enjoyable car chases and action scenes but overall it's a forgotten 90s movie.

christine m (it) wrote: Fictionalized "biography" of Hungarian Countess Erzsebet Bathory (1560-1614), serial killer supposedly bathing in human blood. It is gorgeous and atmospheric, with vampire overtones and great score, while Erzsebet has turned from sexual pervert to old, "merely" cruel and vain woman.

Miguel R (jp) wrote: Dolphin Tale is a fun and inspiring movie for the whole family to be delighted, even if the plot may be a bit predictable

Patrick G (es) wrote: The daylight theft of 13 works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and the search for these pieces is the subject of this fascinating documentary. The film follows the investigation of the eye patch wearing stolen art detective Harold Smith. Anonymous voicemail recordings of possible leads support a colorful cast of characters including a Boston newspaper reporter, a series of conmen and art thieves, the shadow of Boston thug Whitey Bulger, an informant with a bad smoking habit and the name Turbocharger, and the long arm of the Irish Republican Army. The best performance comes, unexpectedly, from an employee of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum when he utters the unforgettable line, "You're mine, and you'll know me all of your life." A must see if for no reason other than to see the context of that statement.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: "Everybody knows you never go full retard."The more I see Ben Stiller, the more I realize he usually plays the same way in every comedy and there's definitely diminishing returns. Basically he's playing 'Zoolander: Soldier Of Fortune' which is how unbelievably dense this character is. If you want to see how you can vary your comedy persona, look no further than co-star Robert Downey Jr who is flat-out hilarious with every line he speaks as an Australian 5-time Oscar winner known for extreme method acting, in this case undergoing controversial pigment-alteration therapy so he could play a black soldier in a fact-based war movie! His performance alone makes this worth watching, because without him there's a steep decline. Jack Black is a funny guy, but he's not funny here. Danny McBride can be funny but he doesn't have a very big role (which in truth is the best way to use Danny McBride). Only Tom Cruise - yes, Tom Cruise! - approaches the same level of hilarity as a balding, heavyset , ill-tempered movie producer with incredibly hairy arms. The sharpest comedian of them all is Steve Coogan who exits early, but not before he gives the best fatal motivational speech since Samuel L Jackson in "Deep Blue Sea".