Robbie Williams: Take the Crown 2013

Robbie Williams: Take the Crown 2013


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Robbie Williams: Take the Crown 2013 torrent reviews

Richard W (nl) wrote: Saw this again on TV. Fine acting

Hannah M (nl) wrote: I am all about Battle of the Bands movies. But this one really fell flat. Each character embodies a stereotype, the plot is shaky and uneven, and the musical performances are all unmemorable and boring. I'll take School of Rock over this any day.

Scott M (au) wrote: interesting concept use real audio , but the animation gets old real reel quick

Rosco B (kr) wrote: A film in which Judge Reinhold is an all-dancing, pretend cop and Harvey Keitel is a bank robber he duffs up using his dance steps. They really don't make 'em like they used to.

Kyle J (ru) wrote: This movie is one of my favorites. It is hilarious.

Lemmy C (jp) wrote: One of the best gay movies I've seen, the people are so believably real, instead of weird caricatures of those living in the real world, it's funny and nostalgic.

Tara H (au) wrote: This delightful comedy stars Carole Lombard and May Robson, with support from one of my favourite character actors, Walter Connolly. 'Lady by Choice' doesn't have the scope of Lombard's best films, and could have done with a better leading man - but still, a lot of fun.

Rebecca H (ru) wrote: The worst Herbie film to date. Continuity-wise, it is very unclear why Herbie is where he is, with a throwaway line to explain things that just makes it even more confusing. Someone obviously thought since Herbie is a children's film, that his driver should be a child. This makes no sense, and so we get a reprobate child thief lead, who through his own fault of being a nasty little criminal, ends up being chased by some bigger (boring) criminals. And since it is so clearly geared at children, why is there so much talk of sex? There's a nasty and drawn out scene which promotes animal cruelty, where Herbie takes up bull fighting for no reason, and the camera lingers on an extremely ill-looking bull, just to add an upsetting twist to a bad film. All the characters are terrible, devoid of personality, annoying or bland, and there are far too many of them. Herbie's owners spend no time with him throughout the film and form no relationship. Here's the list of characters: The reprobate kid who gets Herbie in trouble. The three dull thugs after him who are apparently psychic as they magically keep finding him. The wannabe pirate-rapist captain who gets mixed up in this for no reason and has nothing to do with the plot. The aging nymphomaniac who fancies the captain. Her bland frumpy scientist niece who embarks on a tedious cliched romance with the dim-witted wooden would-be driver of Herbie. His comedy sidekick, who gets nothing to do throughout the entire plot. Although of course, there is no plot. It is painful to sit through as progression is strung on by coincidence. This is boring, no matter what the soundtrack thinks. Bottom line: This is a Herbie film in which no one calls him Herbie. A better title would have been Herbie gets in with the wrong crowd.

Irvin C (kr) wrote: This is a World War II film about Americans set in the Philippines. There are surprisingly few of those and this is probably the best one. John Ford's stunning direction of harrowing war action set pieces is only surpassed by his quiet human touch in making us care about a group of American soldiers fighting the war the best they could led by Robert Montgomery and John Wayne who probably gives his best performance outside of "The Searchers" in this film. Watch this film with Mario O'Hara's "Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos" and Kon Ichikawa's "Fire in the Plains "for the perfect triple feature on World War II era Philippines.