In this chilling story based on real life events a family experience terrifying supernatural occurrences when their son acquires a vintage doll called Robert.

After Paul and Jenny part ways with their sinister housekeeper Agatha, the disgruntled former employee gives a vintage doll called Robert to their son Gene. Soon after Agatha's departure, strange events begin plaguing the household. Furniture is vandalized, objects are thrown around and maniacal giggles echo through the house in the middle of the night. But nobody believes Gene when he claims Robert is to blame for the disturbances. Paul and Jenny consider the possibility that a supernatural force has taken over their home. But as the occurrences escalate they discover that it's not the house that's haunted... it's the doll. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco G (it) wrote: A competently made but ultimately useless, unimaginative, boring slasher flick. Doesn't bring absolutly nothing new to the table but there's worse out there.

Denny O (de) wrote: A happy-go-lucky kind of comedy that really shows the spirit of the 1940's. Amy Adams gives an unforgettable performance as the bubbly Delysia LaFosse, which in ways reminds me of Marilyn Monroe almost. Funny movie.

Lorna B (es) wrote: Loved this movie, funny and sad all in one!

Tyler B (au) wrote: Historically inaccurate with regards to the real American squadron. Another very cliche american glorified war film, but excellent acting on James Franco's part. I enjoyed the movie and it was a bit predictable, but it was inspiring and emotional which is what one looks for in a good war movie.

Kunst J (it) wrote: I've tried to watch this tedious uneventful movie three times and I've given up every time.

Tony M (de) wrote: Twilight Zone The Movie is a great anthology flick. I'll never forget the last story with the guy on the plane! 4 stars.

Brother B (mx) wrote: Saw this when I was a kid.... LAME MOVIE!

Ian R (ru) wrote: Beyond being the film debut of Arnold Schwarzenegger this film is your typical fish out of water story and at that not a very good one. The film features Heracles, played by Austrian bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, defying is father Zeus by leaving Mount Olympus because he is bored. Heracles arrives in modern day New York City where "hilarity" ensues as Heracles discovers the modern world.

Timm S (au) wrote: Like A Magician Trying To Confuse You With Distraction While He Works His Sleight Of Hand..By The Time The REAL Premise Reveals Itself The Muddle Of Plot/Character Mash Conuses You I Barely Just Hung On & It Was Half-Worth It I Sppose.

Kerby H (nl) wrote: There are some moments in this movie that are somewhat comedic, but as a whole this premise fails.

Nadjib R (au) wrote: One word, one word i can say or more like it one name, Alicia Vikander make this movie unbelievably stunning, the way she acts, the way she pours her heart and soul into her roles is truly admiring, it was an outstanding well acted movie, and it all worked beautifully thanks to her, throughout the movie she sends on a journey of pain and happiness and somewhere in between.