Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg

Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg

A hilarious and heartfelt look at the career and influence of comedy legend Robert Klein.

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Lee A (us) wrote: I really was on the fence with this one. I couldn't work out whether or not I was watching the film because I was enjoying it, or I was just that bored. Plague Town is in essence a film that try's to be Atmospheric, succeeds, but everything else falls flat on its face. Annoying really, I quite the liked the style of the film, looked like it was filmed in the early 80's. Most of it makes no sense, acting is terrible, and well the ending just annoyed me. 1 scene with a wheel cover was pretty fun, but just felt out of place.. Watch it if its on syfy, don't rent it.

Vignesh V (nl) wrote: best thriller till date.. completely unpredictable

Bront Y (ca) wrote: I feel like it tried a little too hard to be quirky. At times it was funny, I guess, especially since Danny McBride played a supporting character. But then when the serious stuff came up I just couldn't believe in it. It's a shame too, because I had pretty high expectations of this film and the cast is amazing. I also didn't really like the way it was edited, but I thought the cinematography was beautiful.

Waleed A (kr) wrote: great adaptation of and old Shakespeare story. a tragedy at it's very essence

Adrian V (jp) wrote: This fictional jazz biography is one of Woody Allen's best. It's funny and poignant, and Penn and Morton are teriffic in it.

David B (us) wrote: Trojan War is a really good film that few people saw back in the late 1990's. The film played almost no where & essentially became a direct to video movie with almost no marketing whatsoever. It also became 1 of my favorite films. The film is really about what true love actually is & if people who start out as friends can actually progress into a romantic relationship. Brad(played by Freidle) is in love with a very shallow airhead (played by Shelton). But he can't see love right in front of his face with his best friend (played by J. Love Hewitt). The film analyzes very well the games people go thru trying to find the one or true love in their late teens or even early 20's. Brad is basically in love with a "human Barbie doll". You have to be at least about 30 to truly understand what the film is getting at. There is a deeper implied meaning to the plot amongst funny "teen speak & chaos". The film is directly comparable to the movie "Secret Admirer" (1985) from the 80's. The premise of the movie is that "real mature" love is about compatibility, moral values, & respect not just sex & physical attraction although those attributes are still important. With strong performances from Hewitt, Freidle, & Shelton & nice cameos from Hall, Lee Majors, & Griffin; it's a comedy you won't want to miss. 1 of the best teen comedies of the 1990's with a good soundtrack.

TEREASA H (es) wrote: It was a fun movie with great actors. Unlike any other adventure movie that I own. Great way to relax.

Hunter D (nl) wrote: Oh my goodness, HELLBOUND is entertaining, but boy is it bad. Chuck Norris plays a no-nonsense Chicago cop who heads over to Israel after Satan starts killing folks in Chi-town. Last time I checked, the holy land was a little outside the Chicago PD's jurisdiction, but whatever. It turns out Satan is coming back, collecting pieces of an evil staff that will restore his power, but he'll never be powerful enough to resist one of Chuck's roundhouse kicks. Don't let my rating fool you, giving this anything higher would warrant a head examination, but this movie is extremely entertaining in how silly it is. Saying anything more about this movie might make my head hurt, just know if you wanna get ripped with some friends and watch a stupid movie, put this one on, you'll get some kicks.

Cindy I (ca) wrote: A direct remake of "Rashomon", but set in the old west rather than Japan. Paul Newman stars in the role that Toshiro Mifune played in the original -- that of a bandit (Mexican rather than Japanese) who rapes a woman and murders her husband....or did he? Pretty good if you've never had the chance to see Rashomon, or are put off by subtitles. Along with Newman, other cast members include Lawrence Harvey, Claire Bloom and Edward G. Robinson. William Shatner even makes a decent, although overly dramatic (as usual) appearance as the preacher. Interesting to see if you know Rashomon well. Many scenes are plucked directly from the original, with even the dialogue pretty much intact. Probably unnecessary, but not irritating like the Psycho remake. One flaw -- Paul Newman as a Mexican?!?! He did a good job, but those blue eyes don't quite fit the part.

Meredith W (de) wrote: Deadset authentic movie of Aussie moles and chicko rolls. Debbie Vickers and Sue Knightwant to become one of the cool girls in their high school. (Uncool and ugly girls had two options, be a mole or a prude!) and this is their story of their quest.

april b (de) wrote: having grown up around this type of fraud in religion, i found this to be spectacularly entertaining. an amazing glimpse into a world many people know nothing about. marjoe, the man is disarmingly charismatic and i found myself hoping that he went on to have a nice life after this. which he did.

Audrey B (nl) wrote: One of Clint's worst.

Giovanni M (br) wrote: Ghost World is a movie that I liked, but didn't like as much as I wanted to. There are too many plot-lines surround Enid that don't need to be in the story, the sarcastic edge gets lost about half-way through, and the ending is really unsatisfying. However, the performances are all great, the comedy is really funny when it's aimed towards the moronic people surrounding them, and the character of Enid is an all-around pleasure to watch.

Panagiotis K (mx) wrote: i loved it , definetely one of my favourite movies i have seen

monsieur r (br) wrote: Pretty worn out plot of the family home being torn up by the Civil War, or the War Between the States, as it were. The cinematography is NOT epic, more like a TV series, so don't look for another Gone With the Wind. Stewart is his incomparable self. The family of boys and one girl includes John Wayne's son, Patric Wayne, and George Kennedy. While wanting to stay out of the conflict, Stewart does everything he can to stay out of it. But when his youngest son unfortunately finds a Confederate cap floating in a stream after a nearby clash of the troops. The son is mistaken for a Confederate by a Union company and taken to points unknown. The father, Stewart, brings the entire family on horseback to find him, but is unsuccessful. The boy does come back to the family, but only after the home is attacked by criminals with loss of life. Warned that this was a tearjerker from a book, I could hardly say that was the case. I can be sentimental at the drop of a hat, but somehow the movie was not done to support that, at least for me. There is something in the quality of TV and a movie from Hollywood. As this seemed to me to be more of a TV movie, it didn't do much for me. It was worth watching and it might mean more to you. Don't let my cynicism stop you from watching on of Jimmy Stewart's last films.

Justin R (fr) wrote: A descent western starring beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum

Bill K (us) wrote: Terrible movie. Confusing story with the actors speaking robotically, laughable gore, boring deaths, static camera angles, forgetable get the idea. The awful 80's fashion is the single watchable thing. Pass.