Robinson i Roslagen

Robinson i Roslagen

To get away from his nagging wife, a man go to a desert island and stay there for weeks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike C (ag) wrote: A Uniquely Funny Film that pokes shit at wealthy hipster maggots for 94 minutes. The film is Thoroughly Different but also Thoroughly Enjoyable.

Dimity P (ag) wrote: This was a really powerful movie about the victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. Parts of it really blew my mind like when a female abuse victim was told it was merely the celibate priest's way of "exploring sexuality" and since she wasn't a boy, the Church was not concerned. It does a good job of tracing the cover-up all the way to the Vatican and the pope as well as made the good point that similar abuses are happening all over the world. Scary stuff.

Kevin D (es) wrote: I am so not buying Johnnie To as the next big thing in action cinema.

Ken C (jp) wrote: A fictional espionage drama tackles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the aftermath of the Munich is compelling. Showcase Steven Spielberg as a well rounded director by presenting a more realistic vision, unclouded by the sentimentality in which he used to known.

Lisa S (jp) wrote: Another movie to remind us not to mess with Chuck Norris.

John B (kr) wrote: Kurosawa always produces masterpieces. Here we have the double of a Samurai warrior pulled from poverty to convince his people that the man he is impersonating is not dead. A marvelous performance from Tatsuya Nakadai.

Juli N (es) wrote: Just like the immortals I was bored to tears and kept hoping somebody would shoot me!

haiqing l (mx) wrote: it is a mediocrity . i love it ,truly