Robinzoniada, anu chemi ingliseli Papa

Robinzoniada, anu chemi ingliseli Papa

The story, in flashback, of the death of a British Telegraph engineer in Georgia, USSR in 1920. Caught up in a civil war, and a war between his girlfriend and the women the Company send as ...

The story, in flashback, of the death of a British Telegraph engineer in Georgia, USSR in 1920. Caught up in a civil war, and a war between his girlfriend and the women the Company send as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Robinzoniada, anu chemi ingliseli Papa torrent reviews

Randi S (fr) wrote: basically a talking head interview with no talking head. Black and white images often unrelated to the narration. it was really cool, and sad.

Katherine R (gb) wrote: I saw this movie like 3 weeks ago.

Niall M (mx) wrote: Another typical Russian arthouse piece. An exercise in shoegazing, but I was drawn in by its atmosphere.

Victor Hugo S (ru) wrote: More sweet than funny

Hafidha A (ca) wrote: I don't doubt this movie is good, but I fell asleep both times I tried to watch it.

Jenny B (au) wrote: Well, it's certainly a memorable film.

Andrew G (au) wrote: Straightforward, high-octane '90s action. It's Die Hard on a Boat; one of Seagal's best.

Paul D (de) wrote: Stuck somewhere between a riches to rags self-discovery story and a crime drama, but fails to be interesting in both counts.

Simon C (br) wrote: This is minor Peckinpah, but that still means it's pretty good. Steve McQueen is the eponymous rodeo rider, dragging his battered body from one rodeo to the next. It's a study of the end of an era, rather like The Wild Bunch in that sense. Peckinpah's ability to stage complex, elegant scenes is foregrounded - the bulldozers destroying his father's shack, the parade, the bar fight and the rodeo scenes all come off well.Nothing much happens, but that's not too important.

Eric H (de) wrote: Excellent film. Captures the essence of religious superstition verses spirituality. Shot in glorious black and white the film is essentially about a 17 year old bride ( played by Sharmila Tagore)whose atheist husband goes away for further studies leaving her with his family in a rural town in Bengal. Her devout father-in-law, who is an ardent worshipper of the goddess Kali, has a vision that his daughter-in-law is actually an incarnation of the goddess. The devoted daughter-in-law, initially, plays along for the fear of hurting his feelings but as the movie progresses she gets caught up in the ritualistic practices and starts to believe that she is actually the goddesses incarnate. I have actually seen things like that happen and I think Ray captured the mass hysteria of an entire town very well. The struggle between the son who is a spiritual man but is not superstious and his father is well portrayed. Over all an excellent film, not on par with the Apu trilogy however.

Gergely K (us) wrote: Erklcsi hanyatls, burzso peverzek s drma. Imdtam!

Karen Marie H (br) wrote: Hilarious! Added to my all time favorite movies!

Rolf H (nl) wrote: Utter failure to Kung Fu properly.There are certain codes of honor people must obey to properly live as a movie Kung Fu master. This flagrantly ignores all these principals in many ways but most significantly in one particular moment: Jet Li gets taken captive by a whole group of gunmen and then tells the leader he's going to kill him. The leader laughs at the apparently futile threat only to have Jet Li correct him that it's not a threat, it's a promise. A perfectly serviceable setup for a righteous murder, preferably within 30 seconds of any proper martial arts master saying it, but it doesn't happen not ever. He even gets a golden opportunity (not that a real expert needs anything more than the gunmen being distracted for 1/8th of a second) and doesn't even take it. What the hell?!? Did the screenwriters ever even watch any East Asian films at all? What is the point of the hero spending years of his life being tormented by a sadistic hermit if he can't even live by the code of always proving what a bad-ass he really is. I'm not even too scared of him to write that his teacher must be ashamed. I know these crossover movies have to let certain normally irredeemable slights slide, like being a foreigner, but some parts of the code must not be ignored.In contrast just look at the Street Fighter (a movie this film liberally rips off in the worst ways) two dudes square off without needing anything more than exchanging a purposeful look. I'm sure Jet Li had to buy a house in Singapore or something (their real estate does not come cheap), but I feel bad for him debasing himself like this.