Robosapien: Rebooted

Robosapien: Rebooted

Inventor Allan Topher designs a robot for serving humanity purposes but when he discovers it can be use for military purposes, he writes a code to erase it memory and make it flee. The robot escapes but damaged and then discovered by a boy named Herry, who will names it Cody. Cody and Henry soon become friend and then Herry's parents and Allan. A secret gang appears and try to kidnap the adult so Henry the boy and Cody the robot must team up to rescue them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan P (jp) wrote: For a holiday special Dragons:Gift of the Night Fury could have been worse. D:GofNF is nowhere near as good as the original but still gives a good effort. Labeled as a Christmas special (though not really anything to do with Christmas) D:GotNF is lighthearted enough to provide 22 minutes of viewable cinema.

kalicia c (kr) wrote: i never got 2 finish this but wht i did watch it was really funny

Maurice G (us) wrote: This was a pretty good movie It starts off slow but is more intriguing, it's a thriller it is something to entertain you on a slow day you will enjoy it

Sarah S (nl) wrote: I really wanted to see this and now I can and if I miss I few parts I can go back and watch it as meany times as I want now love this app

Private U (kr) wrote: Amazingly well done.

Amar P (it) wrote: i just lv this movie

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ken D (br) wrote: Not as fun as the first one.

Abi W (us) wrote: heard it was great and would LOVE to see it.

Jonathan S (us) wrote: The plot of this movie is itself a cliche; however, the great acting and clever dialogue save this movie from the overflowing pile of cliche comedies. You're guaranteed to start noticing the talent of William Forsythe everywhere after watching this movie.

Ola G (kr) wrote: After three civil rights workers in Mississippi are reported missing in 1964, two FBI agents are sent to investigate the incident in rural Jessup County, Mississippi. The two agents take completely different approaches: Agent Alan Ward (Dafoe), a young liberal northerner, takes a direct approach to the investigation; Agent Rupert Anderson (Hackman), a former Mississippi sheriff who understands the intricacies of race relations in the South, takes a more subtle tack. It is very hard for the two to work in the town, as the local sheriff's office is linked to a major branch of the Ku Klux Klan, and the agents cannot talk to the local black community, due to their fear of Klan retaliation. Slowly but steadily, relations between the FBI and the local Jessup County sheriff's office deteriorate, as do relations between Ward and Anderson. Things boil over when the bodies are found and the deputy sheriff, Clinton Pell (Brad Dourif), realizes that his wife gave their locations to Anderson, and he assaults her. When Anderson sees her in the hospital, he storms off to confront Pell but is stopped by Ward. After a violent fight and battle of wills, the two agree that they will work together to bring down the Jessup County branch of the Ku Klux Klan using Anderson's as yet untried approach...This is a strong and very difficult film from Alan Parker with specifically Gene Hackman in a fantastic form. The dynamics between Ward and Anderson and their strong will to do whatever it takes to bring down the guilty (even if they want to do it in different ways) and with a truly terrible backdrop of racism in the 60s makes an emotional film that will stay with you forever. I had forgotten some parts of it from since I saw "Mississippi Burning" at the movies in 1988, but all the difficult scenes were vivid in my mind. I reckon "Mississippi Burning" should be shown for everyone to get a grip of the terrible act of racism. A topic that is still way too current today. Despite the criticism of not being entirely accurate storywise the message it is still very strong and to the point.

Private U (us) wrote: The series gets more and more interesting as the kids get older.

Miguel A (fr) wrote: Estreado no mesmo ano que "Repo Man", "Night of the Comet" aproveita uma srie de referncias sci-fi e a distopia de "1984" da mesma maneira destrambelhada que o filme punk de Alex Cox. Em ambos o mundo (sintetizado em Los Angeles) parece mais ou menos condenado estupidificao total, que por sua vez no ajuda nada a que a raa humana evite a extino por sua prpria culpa. Aqui, tal como na cano dos Bad Religion, as pessoas S vo morrer por causa da sua arrogncia. Mas a salvao est em duas Valley Girls que, apesar da arrogncia e do fraquinho pelo consumismo, no deixam de ser midas s porque o mundo est a acabar e os nicos sobreviventes so zombies muito maus. "Night of the Comet" assim uma espcie de "The Omega Man" com sabrinas nos ps. tambm um exemplo precioso da falta de pretenso dos filmes dos anos 80.

Lawrence B (de) wrote: The fifth, final and (easily) worst outing for Peter Sellers in Blake Edwards' Pink Panther series. Sellers and Edwards seem to have forgotten the subtle silliness of Clouseau and over rely on a gallery of crazy disguses to supply the laughs. Or, rather, groans this time around. Regulars Burt Kwouk and Herbert Lom have larger roles in the action but it doesnt help this mishap of a movie and Dyan Cannon lowers the laugh factor in a useless and unfunny role as a jilted mistress who joins forces with Clouseau. The 'Panther' party is over guys..

Brad S (kr) wrote: Classic film that makes great use of Paul Newman who is outstanding in this. It's a highly entertaining film, beautifully shot by Conrad Hall, and it features one of film's most famous lines. This is a MUST watch for everyone!

Alfin N (de) wrote: All because of that old, stupid, evil eskimo shaman. But Sarila turned out to be too easy to find.

Austin D (ru) wrote: It wasn't the worst horror movie of the year.