Robot Taekwon V: Wooju jakjeon

Robot Taekwon V: Wooju jakjeon


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Robot Taekwon V: Wooju jakjeon torrent reviews

David H (ag) wrote: A Grandious Family Drama that goes to the Heart and shows sensitive that we all Humans and Life is hard but beautiful there are Bad People everywhere and bad Things happen but we must enjoy the Good we have the Directions and Performance are hillarious it's one of this Movies that are so wonderful slow and real that you wish it was double as long

Daniel P (jp) wrote: What a sweet movie! It moves slowly, and in one sense it's predictable, but it's so simplistic that the smallest jokes earn the biggest laughs. A joy to watch, on one hand it feels like unorthodox film-making, and on the other it seems like the only difference between a major studio release and its relative obscurity was the financial backing... I could easily see Eugene Levy and Bill Murray doing this movie 10-20 years ago, but it might just be for the best that it is what it is. Great early work from Joel Hopkins (Last Chance Harvey), who I hope has hit his stride and will be rewarded with more work in the future. Seriously, watch this film, you'll love it without being able to explain it, it's great!

Private U (nl) wrote: my hair cut was inspire by this movie...

Al M (ca) wrote: Lodge Kerrigan's Clean, Shaven is an almost perfect film that represents a thoroughly brilliant and harrowing attempt to depict the subjectivity of a schizophrenic. The background sounds are filled with screams, voices, electric buzzing, radio waves, etc. and Kerrigan's camera focuses in on the simplest of items as if trying to make sense of them, as if they have been rendered unfamiliar and need to be resignified. The film's brutalities are never directly depicted, yet it is no less frightening because it forces the viewer into an almost first person experience of a completely other pattern of thought.

Moo C (kr) wrote: It's not the best movie, but I loved it as a kid and it is one of my favorites.

Brian C (gb) wrote: Unfortunately the copy I saw of this had 26 minutes cut from it...but from what I saw this was probably the worst movie I have ever seen.And yet at the same time, completely awesome. A guy with a drug addiction smokes some 'super' weed that makes him go into fits, then he eats genetically modified turkey and becomes a turkey monster that is hungry for blood.Then the high wears off, and he gets helps and the turkey monster is no more.Really that is all that can be said about this strange anti-drug (and apparently anti-gmo and anti-turkey) grindhouse flick.

Steven G (gb) wrote: can't believe yvonne craig was in this. she was batgirl for god's sake. i guess its not a bad thing but i never realized it was her until not TOO long ago

nita jim j (jp) wrote: this a movie that is just great to see !

Stella D (ca) wrote: this practically unseen tourneur must have gotten buried during the cold war. featuring tourneur's biggest budget, immediately after the success of 'cat people', it's gripping and suspenseful, with great characterizations. gregory peck's debut opposite the 'black pearl' of the russian ballet, tamara toumanova, features a bit too much speechifying but it's a wonderful bit of propaganda all the same

Private U (ru) wrote: aside from GWTW, this is my favorite Vivien Leigh movie... along with Rex Harrison, it's just completly obnoxious. Not the greatest story line, but simplicity in films was completely normal in the 30s and 40s

Jeff H (it) wrote: Awesome. One of my faves. These guys are hilarious and the movie is really funny with a great storyline that is opposite of what you'd expect from a standard horror movie.

Andy W (es) wrote: As with a lot of Winterbottom's films of late, it has a story hung on the frame of a different story - and the parallels are drawn. This time it feels like a bit of a stretch, and it doesn't always work, but it features a great cast and there are moments that are good - but there's a distinct feeling that the ideas are daring but just don't quite gel.

Caitlin L (de) wrote: It had really good moments and not so good moments.

Darren R (gb) wrote: The movie is delightfully colourful and has some charming music, but really what you came here for was Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin. Fonda is unbelievably adorable, but that's about all that can be said about her. Marvin, on the other hand, is simply great in a performance that won him an Oscar.