Robowar - Robot da guerra

Robowar - Robot da guerra

A clone/mix of PREDATOR and ROBOCOP gone nuts jungle flick with an international cast, exotic locale and good electronic music.

A clone/mix of PREDATOR and ROBOCOP gone nuts jungle flick with an internatioanl cast, exotic locale and good electronic music. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris P (mx) wrote: I have a theory that it's an homage to classic cult horror flicks-couple examples-Address on the house the babysitter is at is "237?, ergo, The Shining. The VHS reference, as well as the ring reference, It, and NUMEROUS slasher movies are referenced in this movie. Also the eyes wide shut references, I think. This may just be another massive tribute to Kubrick. I thought, despite "The Happening" caliber acting, it was a creative plot idea.

Rodrigo D (br) wrote: Wonderful drama, it shows different angles and what the characters are going trough in a very emotional and clear way. Michael was awesome.

Austin R (es) wrote: Interesting, refreshing, and new. This movie is a different kind of horror, which I will gladly say doesn't fit into any horror sub-genre. If your looking for something on Netflix, give this one a watch. Also, it all takes place in one room, which is always deliciously intriguing. Its all psychological, or is it... :)

Connor J (ag) wrote: I had never seen a film with David Schwimmer. Great actor. Never thought that he could do well with drama, but he succeeds very well.I loved this movie, it should have been given a bigger chance.

Liy D (ru) wrote: It's an interesting real drama/comedy dyanmic, but overall I didn't find it very funny. It is an interesting story filmed in an interesting way. However, in my opinion its lacking something.

Sarah (ag) wrote: Meh...I'm sounds like it could be a bit on the lame side...

Patrick E (kr) wrote: Extremely entertaining straight to DVD martial arts action buddy flick from the 90's! Non-stop action scenes that get more ridiculous as the plot moves on, great characters with plenty of funny moments, men with enhanced hearts able to do gravity defying stunts, car chases, electrocutions and plenty of one liners, what more do you want!Mark Dacascos pulls off some pretty amazing stunts, it's a pity he has disappeared in the last ten years. Kadeem is pretty funny but Brittany Murphy is very annoying in her small role. The plot is pretty simple, it's basically a chase movie, but it's all a setup for the amazing action scenes.Pure turn your brain off entertainment, highly recommended.

Gord T (us) wrote: i thought this movie was from the mid-90s by the way it looked and i went in with a pretty negative attitude when i saw "scariest alien movie ever!" on the box but this movie was pretty fun and action packed. seeing a spaceship crash like that would be awesome.. such a long fall but such a tragedy... until some bitey, pissed off aliens come out and plow through your military blockade, then things are scary. some astronauts infected with an alien parasite are on earth with some eggs and seem unstoppable. there is lots of chasing around and spots that remind me a bit of terminator but this movie had some awesome action, both with cars and guns. the one thing i didn't like was that minigun with a grenade launcher because it looked like a vendor box for a sporting event... so stupid. overall i thought this was a fun movie and not the scariest alien movie ever made, but definately a good one. lots of good lighting and a decent directing style. there was also an appropriate level of CGI that meets my approval. it was also a good idea that the aliens would let off to allow the human host to come through. a good watch for anyone who likes alien type movies as well as decent action movies with real explosions and a spectacular double flying car crash through an exploding trailer... magnificent.

Stevie K (de) wrote: Lots of sex with Pamela and a bunch of guys. Not much else.

Fabien D (gb) wrote: Si le film demarre sur les chapeau de roue, c'est pour s'essouffler assez rapidement. En effet, malgre sa courte duree (1h28), le film aurait gagne a etre reduit de 20 minutes, ou a se voir ajoute un twist histoire de le relancer un peu.Malgre tout, Of Unknown Origin propose de sympatiques sequences et quelques plans plutot reussis, ainsi qu'un personnage interessant sur lequel repose tout le film, interprette par Peter Weller.A noter que George P. Cosmatos realisera Rambo II deux ans apres ce film.

Carreh R (gb) wrote: Beyond all the cinematic breakthroughs and importance of this film the main thing that struck me while watching was how cool it is. From Jean Paul Belmondo as Michel, in his shades, hat, tie and tweed jacket to Jean Seberg with her short hair cut the film just breathes coolness and it's timeless.

Jesse M (us) wrote: A dark, sobering, stylish, well-acted, depressing, funny, star-studded piece of entertainment with flair. Visual style is as incredible as all the acting. But it's really odd. And shouldn't work. But it does.

Rick L (fr) wrote: Looking forward to this

Aaron G (au) wrote: Maybe someday they'll make a movie based on JRR Tolkien's book, "The Hobbit."