Rock Around the Clock

Rock Around the Clock

A frustrated big-band promoter runs in to rock-and-rollers Bill Haley and the Comets at a small-town dance. He quickly becomes their manager and, with the help of Alan Freed, hopes to bring the new sound to the entire country. But will a conniving booking agent, with a personal ax to grind with the manager, conspire to keep the band from making the big time?

A frustrated big-band promoter runs in to rock-and-rollers Bill Haley and the Comets at a small-town dance. He quickly becomes their manager and, with the help of Alan Freed, hopes to bring... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kayla M (mx) wrote: Truly funny!!! It will be the funniest thing I've seen all year no doubt!!! U will be falling out of ur seat laughing!!!

Augustina S (kr) wrote: **Slight rant and SPOILERS within.The film deals with the very serious, prevalent topic of cyber-bullying and contains some rather heavy subject matter. This, however, does not exempt it from the heavy criticism it rightly deserves. To begin, 'Cyberbully''s biggest problem is that it has no idea how teens (or human beings, really) behave in real life. The bully character is so one-dimensional and inexplicably evil that you do not for a moment believe there is anyone on earth who behaves the way she does. If someone went through the trouble to print out a giant photo of a girl's face, cut it out and make a ridiculous video about it, that person would be rightly ridiculed for not having a life. It would not, contrary to what this movie suggests, ruin the reputation of the victim (in fact, it would likely garner her a lot of sympathy). Secondly, all the interactions, both online and off, are so completely bland, corny and unrealistic that it's almost impossible to sympathize with any of the characters. I don't see how any teens could relate to this, as clearly the script was written by someone who has never been a teenager in the modern era of facebook, twitter, imessage, etc. Shame on this movie for taking serious concepts like teenage depression and making them laugh-worthy (like when Osment's character tries to remove a pill cap for about an hour, and never succeeds). The film also doesn't offer any realistic resolution at the end (oh wow, she told the bully that "words hurt," that'll fix everything!).It also seems to project the idea that changing the legal system will resolve bullying, when it's much more sensible to teach kids how to emotionally deal with their struggles and stand up to bullying when they see it (i.e. offer coping mechanisms and a system of support). It could also teach the adults to pay attention to the warning signs and intervene, and perhaps show some compassion for the bullies as well as the victims, since bullies tend to be damaged individuals themselves. Changing the laws won't really solve anything; you can't make it illegal to be an asshole.To be fair, the film does teach a few of these coping strategies (it is suggested that the victim ignore or block the person doing the bullying, to which an amazed Osment replies "I never thought of that" - REALLY?).Overall, I do think there is a smart, relevant way to tackle the very real problem of cyberbullying as a modern social phenomenon. If such a film exists, 'cyberbully' is certainly not it.

Brian S (es) wrote: This could have been way better. I mean, I love what they were trying to do and I think it's ridiculous that segregated proms still exist, but the movie lacked any real depth. It was just about having an integrated prom in the school. No reflection on the fact that we're all a part of one world and we all live under the same sun.

Chris S (es) wrote: "This is no RICKY 6. Though intresting, this is nothing more than a Slasher flick compared to the facts to which the movie is based on"

Jimmy B (de) wrote: mmm... not sure what I had in mind to begin with. I liked Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Franz, but something was missing. However, something more real about this scenario than the usual Hollywood shtick.

Matthew H (ru) wrote: Outbreak isn't the most original virus movie, but it has enough energy to get through, as well as good performances from Hoffman and Russo. "Contagion" is better, but "Outbreak" isn't a bad entry in the genre.

Erika G (jp) wrote: not the usual Bruce Willis movie. aliitle disappointed.

Aldo G (nl) wrote: Just misses being special. Nonetheless,should appeal to movie goers who don't mind their main character being nerdy dweebs trying to land their first love. For viewers over the age of 35, the film might feel like a ride into memory lane.

wedstarfish 8 (de) wrote: Succeeding at being rather bad but enjoyable, Leprechaun is the very first installment in the horror movie franchise that honestly was dragged on for way too long. Obviously, this film is the best installment out of the entire series. In this typically bad directed but overall enjoyable film, a 400 year old leprechaun goes on a brutal killing spree to find the missing pieces of his gold. Despite Jennifer Aston's debut as an actor, the acting is really off, and it ends up being awkward at times. The film also suffers from bad elements of directing and production as well. Overall though, it's a pretty fun horror comedy that ends up being its own clever and creative thing. Definitely the most well directed (and best) film out of the franchise.