Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

A drug-addicted young street hustler gets picked up by a lonely john and finds himself in a sometimes tender, sometimes tense game of trust.

Three childhood friends try to start their own business and find funding via a very unorthodox method: stealing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kashfia F (kr) wrote: Doesn't even hold a candle to the first one!

John R (ca) wrote: 120106: A great movie on a night I was desperate for some western action. Had read about this film and managed to access it. Found it really tied in with the original Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I've always disliked when same characters have to use different actors but, seriously, what you going to do? I also found they had the characters backwards when it came to the young Butch & Sundance, at least physically. Those are the only two complaints. This film has plot twists and surprises; great costuming and firearms; action, a love story; friendship and undying loyalty; and some amazing scenery. Found myself liking Butch, Sam Shepard, as I liked Redford and Newman. Cool. A good fix for this addict.120722: The only thing new I was thinking about, regarding this movie, is that somehow they try to portray Butch & Sundance as some sort or Robin Hoods, that had certain values, which made them better than "normal" criminals. The revelation that Spanish mine robber, Eduardo Apocada, has robbed from the people, not the rich mine owner, allows Butch to shoot Apocada in the leg, leaving him to the chasing vigilantes. I'm sorry, I'm just not convinced that Butch is a good guy; he's a criminal.

Luis T (ag) wrote: The best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro R (es) wrote: The actual pool in this story is brilliantly used metaphorically to intertwine lives that would not otherwise come into this kind of intimate contact. One desires the pool greatly as an almost magical fantasy, while the owners of the pool do not enter it because of the pain it holds for them. With that as the backdrop we have the very poor and the very rich coming into closer relationship with each other causing a certain amount of maturity and healing for the other. There's not much drama in this journey either, because it's the subtlety of it that has it make sense and even be more real. After all, they are strangers from very different classes of society so the intimacy will have limits and the film portrays that in a very realistic way while still making it a very touching story that can cross the societal boundaries. I also find it very interesting that an American director made this Hindi language film. Incredibly well done!

Zebulon R (ag) wrote: An okay Van Damme flick. And a pointless villain.

Steve S (br) wrote: Excellent classic to be watched.

Rhiannon Mair W (us) wrote: I watched the trailer and expected a real horror... This was NOT the result I had! This is literally the worst horror film I have ever seen, and I've seen some scorchers! Watched it with friends and we laughed at how bad it was! Whoever created this movie has lost a lot of money! NOBODY in their right mind would consider this slightly good... Don't waste your time watching this, I didn't think it could get any worse until I seen the ending! AWFUL!

Faisal A (de) wrote: Girlhouse is just another nudie horror flick at first glance, but a strong finale finishes things off with a bloody, satisfying moneyshot. It's a welcome throwback to slashers of yore, with a premise reminiscent of the Sorority House/Slumber Party Massacre films. An impressive first feature for Trevor Matthews.

Brad S (us) wrote: Gorgeously shot period piece with the amazing Alicia Vikander. Beautiful closeup shots of nature and various details helped bring a strong sense of place. Stirring music helped compel a few needed emotions to keep me interested. Just wish there had been a bit more conversation. It's a bit too internal for me.

Cecilyn Z (it) wrote: Silly, but watchable

Anthony D (jp) wrote: Important and full of content cannot overcome the snark and stupidity of the 40 something's. The 20 something's come off more realistic, if not likeable.