Rock Marí

Rock Marí


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Tim H (br) wrote: Very good and powerful movie.

Avid C (nl) wrote: Weak intro, but it picks up rather, then the action keeps you wanting more, except for one messed transition. Arrows definitively have center stage, but the acting is pretty good. The story is simple, but well told. The only flaw is the twisting of the arrow, but it's easily overlooked. Good entertainment if you're looking for something simple. I recommend it, especially if you like those asian period movie, because of it's realistic set pieces and costumes.

Sue B (fr) wrote: A Bollywood production of Emma-- but not bad! No, it isn't as good as Clueless, but it is kind of fun.

Chantal L (es) wrote: Great storytelling and plot devices. Amazing special effects as well. Very reminiscent of Evil Dead. The ending is a little off, but it still makes for a very suspenseful and errie film !

Alex S (fr) wrote: Brilliant action film starring Rutger Hauer.

Brian R (ru) wrote: One of actor's James Cagney and director William Keighley's best film. The film's attempt to counteract what many conservative political and business leaders claimed was a disturbing trend of glorifying criminals in the early 1930s gangster film genre. So in a way "G Men" (Government Man) is almost a watershed for the gangster pictures as was "Wizard Of Oz" was to the musicals. I admired the tough flat out dialogue and Cagney's performance as the government man breaking all the rules into bringing justice. There is romance too but it is not important but the violence is well directed and moves by fast and earned it's code by the MPAA and I admired the relationship between Cagney and Armstrong. After watching "G Men" it's what I call a first rate picture.

Skijiniwi P (kr) wrote: hmmm...looks like a lovely movie

Craig L (nl) wrote: Great dialogue, and I hear they have delicious pancakes.