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Rock n Roll Nerd

Documentary that charts the rise of Tim Minchin - comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, musical director and rock 'n' roll mega-star.

Documentary that charts the rise of Tim Minchin - comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, musical director and rock 'n' roll mega-star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim S (jp) wrote: Actually very emotional.

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:This is an epic and interesting movie about the famine in a place called Henan during the 1942 Japanese war which took 3 million people's life's. It follows a wealthy family who are forced to flee Henan with the rest of the many families who struggle to reach a better place, which will supply them with food and shelter. The journey takes its toll on the many families and the lack of food and freezing weather takes many of there life's. There's a lot of political issues connected to the reasons why they are forced out Henan, which are addressed in the movie but it's the touching story of the family which really made the movie for me. The acting is great from all of the cast and I really can't imagine how it must have been for the real people that were forced into this gruesome situation. I would have liked it dubbed in English so I could have concentrated on the emotional scenes but thats just me being picky. Although the subject matter is quite deep and the storyline was pretty interesting, I did get bored in some parts and it did seem to drag after a while. With that aside, the true story is amazing and I'm surprised that this epic journey about the people of Henan and there search for a better life, wasn't told earlier. Watchable!Round-Up:This is another one of those films were they put the big names on the poster and there not really in the film. In this case the people are Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins who only had small parts in the movie. To be honest, they were the reason why I rented the movie because I was wondering how they were involved in this epic tale but they wasn't the main characters in the film. Brody did play a massive role in getting the aid to the starving people who took part in this amazing journey but I didn't really see the point in Tim Robbins role. Anyway, I personally enjoy movies were you actually learn something and in this case, it's a piece of Chinese history which I hadn't heard about before. Its a shame that it didn't get the big Hollywood treatment because I'm sure that a lot of people will be shocked when they see what these individuals had to go through. They ended up thinking that dying was a blessing because the journey became too much for the people of Henan and the ones that survived, had to live with the fact that they lost there families and loved ones in such a terrible way.I recommend this movie to people who are into their epic dramas about the famine in Henan and there epic journey to find a better life, which took 3 million people's life's. 6/10

Ramses C (es) wrote: Maravillosa historia de amor en la tercera edad, este film cuenta con una direccion y unas actuaciones a nivel de premio Oscar, sencillamente sensacional.

Denis L (us) wrote: Not bad but a few holes in basic human nature and how we would react to certain situations just didn't ring true.

Don H (ag) wrote: My wife and I saw this when it premiered in the Sundance Film Festival. We laughed so hard a some parts that we missed the next laugh line. I'm not sure why the audience score is so low. We'll watch it again to see if we can figure out why. This time, we'll be able to rewind to catch the lines we missed.

Greg R (us) wrote: Robert Altman's Gosford Park is a beautiful film, with a familiar but interesting story, and it has great characters played by a group of amazing actors.

odiac 7 (es) wrote: It's okay. THe usual. Boy who likes to surf then moves to Virginia and has to change his hobby to snowboarding.

Ilyaas H (br) wrote: East is East is a fast-paced and hilarious satire that's consistently well-acted and incredibly memorable.

Timothy S (ca) wrote: The first thing you'll notice about "Fled" is that it has one of the worst titles of the year and perhaps of all time. The only thing more ridiculous than that is how characters in the movie insist on using the word incorrectly in sentences, such as "We gotta fled," because for some reason they are intent of reminding you of that terrible title.The film itself is an idiotic collection of plot devices from other better movies held together by a tenuous string of coincidences, dumb dialogue and moronic action scenes. The story is forgettable and takes aback seat to a lot of repetitive sequences and the alleged chemistry between the two stars, neither of which is good enough to sustain the picture. It's good to see a lean, mean Laurence Fishburne back in fighting form once again, but he's saddled with some truly awful dialogue. Co-star Stephen Baldwin never made it to the A-list like his brother Alec, and the reason for that is abundantly clear from his performance here. He's not charismatic enough to be a lead, and any attempts at humor fail miserably but that may be more of an issue with the terrible script rather than the delivery. In fact, the only humor you'll derive from this is purely accidental, such as the way cars burst into flames instantaneously or Fishburne's harmonica playing to sync up their big escape. It's quite apparent that not a lot of thought went into "Fled," a moron movie made by idiots for idiots.

Jason J (de) wrote: I love this flick, A movie that plays with your mind!!!!

Lauren G (jp) wrote: Loved everything about it! Great characters, wonderful plot, and completely John Wayne

Thomas L (jp) wrote: Ugh, it's really tough to like a movie when hardly anyone in it is sympathetic. It's hard for me to believe someone like Jean Harlow could seduce all those guys. She didn't appeal to me at all. Now Leila Hyams' character 'Rene was very appealing. She as a seductress would've been much more believeable. As it was, she was so submissive. Her reaction to discovering Bill Jr.' s philandering in the beginning is another thing that drove me nuts. What reaction, you ask? Exactly. On the flip side, though, the great writer Anita Loos uses "Red" to expose so much of the hypocrisy that tainted the aristocracy then as it does now. In that way it's not dated at all. It's still very relevant.

Gordon B (gb) wrote: There's something inexplicable about this surrealist classic that makes it seem abstract yet feel completely alive.

Michelle C (de) wrote: Love this movie. Can't wait for the next one. Jamie Dornan was everything I wanted Christian Grey to be. Dakota Johnson's performance was also splendid.