Rock Oo! Rimba bara kembali

Rock Oo! Rimba bara kembali

Sequel of "Rock" (2005). Tells about Amy's life after he was kicked out of Rimba Bara. When Zul Kapan, the current vocalist is quit from the band for other commitment, can Amy return to replace him?

Sequel of "Rock" (2005). Tells about Amy's life after he was kicked out of Rimba Bara. When Zul Kapan, the current vocalist is quit from the band for other commitment, can Amy return to replace him? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb S (us) wrote: A somewhat-recovering drug user/drinker/ gambling addict Taylor (Matthew Broderick) hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of his fed-up wife (Maura Tierney) takes a trip to Vegas to ostensibly "rescue" his niece Brittany Snow (the titular Amanda) from a life of prostitution and instead heads straight for the casino, after having promised his wife that the trip was "NOT" about gambling. He soon discovers that bubbly and cheerful Amanda is deliriously happy with her life of prostitution and living with her leech of a boyfriend (Peter Facinelli) who cheats on her. Also starring Steve Coogan as a sleazy casino host who becomes Taylor's chief enabler! The main theme of the movie is denial - all characters lie to each other and especially to themselves about almost every respect of their lives. This movie is described as a comedy but I actually found it kind of sad as our main character is sliding down a slippery slope, even as he pounds down drinks on the casino floor and is eventually cut off from his cash source by the Coogen and Amanda seems far too happy and carefree to be a person from a traumatic background; it seems the actual horrors of prostitution-drug addiction, abuse, poverty hasn't afflicted her.

Tanya B (kr) wrote: Why did I watch this? I'm still asking myself that question. Super-duper cheese.

Blind P (de) wrote: Let's play a game of Cosmic Whack-a-Mole! Every time a character appears, strike it on the head so it delivers lines from a concussed state where it is so confused that banal lines take on some sort of meaning. I found very few credible performances here. As I joke, it seemed like every performer had a concussion. Everything appealing about the movie had nothing to do with the plot. The backdrop of global disasters delivered through various media. A visually appealing anime style that was a welcome distraction from drudge. Every good shot that I saw was one without any character in it. Yet I see a lot of critical gushing over another film fest baby. To me it's another example of how desperate we are as a viewing public for anything truly artistic that somebody can easily push buttons and make them all agog. Fundamentalist cardboard cutout parents in denial with a gay son. His lover, a teacher, that gets fired for being gay. An apathetic young lady and her dissociative brother who are troubled by a parental breakup. The frustrated mother and her lover. All of them flat and two dimensional at best. What is the point? Find hope despite a looming apocalypse? Where? In fractured relationships? Apathy? Flights of fantasy? The flip side of a half-life is half-dead. If I was forced to endure more "brilliant" cinema like this as a routine I would also hope for the Sun to explode and kill us all.

Sissel E (es) wrote: Denne filmen er bare humor!

Janice C (kr) wrote: The description of the film above stinks terribly. Plus major actor like that for Martin is not in the listing, but minor actors are. Why are Hearing actors more important than Deaf ones?!!Lara's parents are not deaf and dumb, but just deaf. They are not dumb and are very expressive. Using sign language does not make them dumb. Only an idiot would say that. The sign language they use is not International Sign Language, but German Sign Language. Another idiotic label of their sign language!The problem between the father of Lara and his sister does not originate from sibling rivalry, but from the unjust punishment he received from his audist father when he laughs out loud at the odd facial movements of a singer during a musical performance. The prejudices that this family has are not locally bound, but are widespread in countries all over the world. This is called audism, a mindset of hearing as the ultima ration of human existence, from which prejudices and discriminations against deaf people emanate.Hartmut

Alyx S (br) wrote: best movie i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted W (ru) wrote: I love this series, first shrunk the kids then themselves and now the baby. Love it!! Wayne, instead of shrink it's big!

Tania H (us) wrote: Must watch any movie that stars Arlo Guthrie!

david n (nl) wrote: True Believer is a film about Eddie Dodd(Woods), who is a lawyer way over his glory days of being a civil rights lawyer. Dodd, who now just specializes on drug cases, picks up a new kid named Roger Baron(Downey Jr.) who is fresh out of schooling and is ready to dive right in and become a lawyer. A family then comes into Dodd's office begging for Dodd to be their lawyer for their boy, Shu Kai Kim(Okumoto), who they believe was framed and is innocent. After some serious convincing from Roger, Dodd finally takes on a case worth while after 10 years. Only problem is that all the facts point at Kim and it's up to Roger and Dodd to go against the odds.... True Believer is an amazing courthouse drama. Penned in a manner that has twists and surprises at the end of every turn. The film would be at a much higher rating but it suffers from some serious plot holes. Still, the film is more than enjoyable thanks to the great sub plots and how they all tie together. Also, the dialogue and intense arguments pack that much more of a powerful punch in the courtroom scenes. In most courthouse dramas, the tension is thick but it can get repetitive, the film steers clear of that and can maintain it's tension without getting mundane. This is a factor that truly made me enjoy the film because most courthouse dramas seem to be stuck on repeat or loses it's steam but the writing and powerful performances give you sweaty palms throughout the entire film. Also, speaking of powerful performances, James Woods' energy as a hard headed lawyer who is very persistent jumps off the screen and truly shocks you. Whether it be him jumping around the courtroom with raw emotion or whether it be his snoopy detective attitude outside of the courtroom, he delivers an unbelievably powerful performance. To help pack even more of a punch, Downey Jr. definitely adds the witty and humorous side of the film. Don't worry though, he still has a good amount of serious parts. The movie flows so well thanks to Downey Jr. and Woods' performance along with such an amazing supporting cast. Overall, the movie at times can be hard to indulge thanks to the plot holes but please don't turn off the screen just yet. The movie in it's entirety will blow you away thanks to the surprises and twists. The film definitely plays mind games with the viewer and has you switching your verdict on the inmate thanks to some powerhouse performances and just great overall story telling. Some say juggling too many sub plots can ruin a movie but when it's done right, it's that much more rewarding. Definitely check this film out!! Wade-O-Meter: 80%---> 80%

Bryan D (kr) wrote: Godzilla gets to fight a sea monster! Sounds pretty awesome, except the sea monster is a giant crawfish. Urg.

Simon D (ru) wrote: does have some funny bits in it, Philip Seymour Hoffmann is very good. I've seen a lot worse. Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination though.

Jenna I (ag) wrote: I mean, most of the stars are for Brad Pitt in his prime as far as the looks department goes. As for the movie, it's okay but it makes some choices that I feel limit the actual impact of the film. Why make Death so clueless? The guy spends all of his time watching people and killing them, why wouldn't he know phrases or the concept of names or that peanut butter is a thing? I guess I can get behind him experiencing stuff for the first time, that's the most intriguing part. But his feigned cluelessness added nothing to it...especially when that all gets flipped in the end anyhow for the like, only plot twist of the film (when he takes down the backstabber). There's also a couple of scenes that just come across as laughable.... mostly when the movie pauses for 5 minutes to reiterate stuff to you (re: them walking away from the diner. Or just him getting hit by that car in general was fairly hilarious).All in all, an interesting concept that wasn't only half executed well.

Araceli S (ca) wrote: Great family film. I can watch it over and over again!

Stephen E (br) wrote: "99 River Street" isn't anything to write home about (and please forgive me for using that phrase), but it more than passes the time, which I'm sure is the reason why it was made in the first place. Of course, it's unlikely that you'll remember anything about it once it's over, but John Payne provides a formidable hero and he ventures through a plot that includes a myriad of twists; two of which really got me. "99 River Street" is forgettable but enjoyable entertainment, and that's sometimes the best kind.