Rock Rock Rock!

Rock Rock Rock!

A teenage girl, Dori Graham, can't convince her dad to buy her a strapless gown so she decides to get the money together herself in time for the prom.

A young teenage girl desperately tries to earn enough money to buy a dress for a school rock and roll dance. This early rock and roll feature, the 3rd in a series of 5 staring Disc Jockey ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liliane S (ru) wrote: I have not watched the theater play yet. But I guess I expected more from the movie which inspired the famous play.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: From the beginning of this film, you know you're in for a bumpy ride. Once past the cryptic beginning of an Anzac getting dressed, the simple picture of a soldier, bent over double inside a tunnel with only a candle for light, unable to breath to loudly for fear of being heard by German soldiers sets the tone for the entire film.Being in a tunnel, whilst being extremely claustrophobic, gives each of the characters a new fear; being discovered. Anything above a whisper could result in hundreds of people being killed, one slip could bring an entire army down upon your head. Truly chilling to think about. And the film definitely lets you feel that danger, with enough instances of unexpected explosions or horrifying discoveries to let you know that this is the real deal. I found myself holding my breath for minutes at a time, only breathing when the people onscreen found it safe to do so.This could have easily dominated the entire film which would have made for an extremely scary movie involving characters which we knew nothing about. Instead, we are treated to generous amounts of our main character, Oliver Woodward's (played with incredible restraint by Brendan Cowell), backstory. And yes, the action in the trenches does overwhelm the somewhat weak love story between Oliver and his Marjorie, but it is a welcome break from the heart-in-mouth feeling of the war, and the overall effect is good, even though the script is not quite up to scratch and the girl who plays Marjorie can't act. These interruptions are felt to be exactly that near the end of the film and the wild tonal shifts are often offputting.But beyond that, the script is brilliant. Throughout all of the war pieces, there is never once a moment which doesn't feel like it should be there, never feels forced and it flows beautifully. It also highlights the great Australian camaraderie in a way which is reminiscent of Peter Weir's Gallipoli with great set pieces such as Streaky drawing the fire of a machine gun away from his mates or having an improvised rugby on an unused battle field. These moments are used sparingly which makes them even more special when they take place.One of the best decisions by writer David Roach was to include scenes of the German soldiers on the other side of the tunnel walls; showing their differences and their similarities to the Australians, making them more than just 'the enemy.' In fact if you weren't busy enough crossing your fingers for the Aussies, you'd be crossing them for the German guy whose outlandish ideas are constantly being shot down by his superiors. Showing the Germans to be human means that becomes all the more difficult to support Oliver's decisions, if they weren't difficult enough in the first place.The final, heartbreaking scene, is the best of the flashbacks, though it's technically a flashforward, and sums up the entire movie beautifully. Beneath Hill 60 is one of the best Australian war films ever made, joining the ranks of Gallipoli and Breaker Morant. Incredible film.Defining Scene:There can only be one. Woodward makes the toughest decision in his life.

Dickie L (ag) wrote: Interesting insights into a fascinating man. One of the few actors who was a bona fide genius of his trade. Great footage of early screen tests and his breakout film roles. The roster of big names singing his praises in interviews is testament to his legacy.

Charles G (nl) wrote: it shows the reality.

Aaron B (es) wrote: This film is a romance between a French girl and an Arab boy in Marseilles. Lila talks very freely about sex and comes on very strongly to Chimo, who falls in love with her. But their romance doesn't sit well with his Arab friends, who regard Lila as a whore, and the conflict between cultures leads to violence.SPOILER ALERT -- It turns out that Lila is actually a fantasist and is a virgin when she is raped. Thus the film tries to have its cake and eat it too --- Lila is a madonna and a whore, but only a whore in fantasy, and thus it is okay for Chimo to love her. It would have been more interesting for Lila to have been truly different from Chimo in her approach to sex and to see him struggle more with the conflict between Arab and French culture in this respect.I also did not clearly understand the motivation of Chimo's friends, who seem outraged that he is having a romance with Lila and take their revenge upon her. If they were religious, perhaps I could see their opposition, but they are not. So is it a normal reaction to think, "My friend is having hot sex with a beautiful French girl...why don't I rape her?"Since I couldn't really believe the motivations of the other boys, I felt the machinery of the plot clicking here.

Bartos Macovei G (nl) wrote: Ok ,I liked it but it has holes in the story. It explains a lot without explaining much. Sometimes hard to follow but it gets to the point and stands out of any other sci-fi movies.

Simone G (jp) wrote: A rude reality in a poor place of italy. That's a Ironically and reflective movie i liked so much.

Mique W (jp) wrote: It baffles me that I've put this off for so long. It's early classic Miyazaki, don't be dissuaded by the lack of an attractive lead, there's lots of gold here. This movie sure is a winner.

Jed G (br) wrote: It's perhaps even more scattershot, confusing, and plothole-ridden than its predecessor, and it goes somewhat overboard with its glaringly obvious social commentary, but Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a darker, edgier, and more harrowing addition to the franchise with an improved lead actor performance from James Franciscus and yet another superb twist ending.

Jacob G (au) wrote: I don't know how I feel about how to handle Lola Montes. On the one hand it is a film that was mishandled from the outset, as the $$ backers of the film demanded that Ophuls recut his original vision and only recently was cut with some previously thought to be missing footage to try and get the film to Ophuls' intent--it is still a film that is doubtlessly missing footage and perhaps not what Ophuls had in mind. On the other hand, my biggest complaints about the film would probably still be present, regardless of what Ophuls intended. My least favorite story-telling device is the use of the flashback...which Lola Montes has in spades. Making a "present day" in which most of the story takes place prior to takes away a lot of the potential tension. There is a little bit of tension in the "present day" but it is a sad case of way too little, way too late. Compounding the problem is the atrocious, wooden acting of Martine Carol, who is a stiff screen presence and rarely shows the spark of life which the character must have had. Somewhat saving the film is the side characters--particularly the King. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time the film covers, no side character remains present in Lola's life long enough to really make an impact on the movie as a whole.

Alex F (fr) wrote: Smart and entertaining. Fritz Lang so what can you expect.

Kyle S (it) wrote: Did the books absolutely no justice