Rock the Casbah

Rock the Casbah

The whole family is reunited when Sofia comes back for his father's funeral. Quickly, inner problems are revealed.

The whole family is reunited when Sofia comes back for his father's funeral. Quickly, inner problems are revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (it) wrote: Werner Herzog does what he does: he takes a complex subject and breaks it down. In this instance it's ten bite size segments. Known to wander off the beaten path Herzog stays mostly on track and delivers an informative movie that doesn't answer many questions as to where the world may be from a technology standpoint down the line. It's fine, it's not Herzog's best but if the origins of the internet are something you're interested in and how technology may ultimately doom our planet or perhaps save it this is for you. Final Score 6.7

J Blue D (de) wrote: OH MY GOD. I've seen better quality movies made with a webcam. if you want to see a good Katt Williams movie DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS. Written by Lil Romeo, Directed by Master P. mmmm need i say more? If you drunk and high you may laugh a few times. Other than that you'll just laugh at how bad this movie is.

Carin B (es) wrote: Not the best film around, but a really good depiction of what happened to the Japanese Americans in WWII. From what I know of the camps, it is a an accurate depiction of what they were like. I think it is a must see film just because of the topic.

Caitlin F (nl) wrote: I really loved this film Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda were the best playing in the opposite sides when Henry Fonda plays Bob Larkin who was a vicious bad cowboy that wanted to take over the town with his gang and Jimmy managed to take him and his gang out!!!! ~

Ray D (it) wrote: This film is a classic.

Jerry A (es) wrote: Was not a bad movie. It's the beginning of the monster universe that is about dracula's origin.

Jake W (ru) wrote: An incredible story portrayed beautifully and inspiringly from great script, direction, and acting alike. The true underdog story is among the greatest sports films of all-time.

Becca A (ca) wrote: What is life but a teardrop in the eye of infinity.

Kaleb S (us) wrote: Fuck it, Five stars!!!! Fantastic movie.

Dominik S (ru) wrote: The whole idea was promising. Suing satan - pretty amazing. However the execution is just horrible. From the script, over the acting. Why is satan anyway appearing? If his best attempt is, that people don't believe, that he is real? And why does he not just agree to pay? He is anyway always agreeing, that he is evil.It goes on and on - the heck - the idea should be picked up again and produced with an adequate budget, great director, great script writers and finally great actors...

Brian S (it) wrote: This is strange, watching this movie, it shifted from good to awfully bad. But i think that if you're a lover of cheap ass sci fi cinema, you'll love it. The acting is very bad and the mosquito effects aren't much better. The only guy that really manages to save this flick is Gunnar Hansen, ho played Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and with the help of actor Steve Dixon. Also, the camera work is cheap and grainy and shaky, but i gives it a realistic look to it. And all that B movie gore is still disturbing. Recommended for fans of grainy shit!!