Rocket Attack U.S.A.

Rocket Attack U.S.A.

It's the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union with the Communists launching a spy satellite that has the Free World leaders in a panic. Fears about the nature of the satellite force the United States to send an agent undercover behind the Iron Curtain to discover what the Soviets have learned. What he finds is the Communists have used the information acquired from their spy satellite to help them perfect a new and even more deadly nuclear weapon.

A cold-war propaganda film, released not too long after the launch of Sputnik, intended to rally public support for an anti-ballistic missile program. Based on the assumption that Sputnik ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura H (gb) wrote: Cute film but I can't get over the fact that the boy lead is SUCH a jerk and takes for granted the friendship of such a great girl like Juli. Bryce is a complete ASS and really ruined the movie for me. Even though he gets nicer to her towards the end she should have told him to piss off LONG before then!

Dave J (au) wrote: Thursday, February 28, 2010 (1998) Hillary And Jackie DOCU-DRAMA Made almost in the same intentions as Emily Watson's other effort "Breaking The Waves" which her central character as Hillary strives for love and compassion and has to compete with her sister Jackie played by Rachael Griffith from a strict traditional upbringing. Story based on two books written by the people the movie is based on by the names of Hilary du Pr and Piers du Pr tates which states the situation rather than offering a solution. The film almost feels cold and artificial but not quite as depressing as "Breaking the Waves" where it also consists of some incredible music perfomances. 3 out of 4 stars

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Chan does some of his best martial arts with action and humor. Another stunt relied film & not so much with the story/screenplay. Enjoyed his great stunts with the fighting and skateboarding.

Private U (it) wrote: one of the best reincarnation movies


Tommy See the Treasure S (nl) wrote: Jack Nicholson had experienced success before this movie was released in 1967, primarily for an iconic role in Easy Rider a year earlier. This superb character study, directed by Rob Rafelson, was Nicholson's first major leading role and to say that he impresses would be an understatement. His portrayal of Bobby Eroica Dupea is surely one of his greatest and most subtle performances. His performance has the perfect balance of reserve and eccentricity, and he perfectly conveys the restlessness and sadness that lives beneath the bravado persona of Dupea. Bobby is of an upper-middle class background, but is now working as an oil rigger in California. We come to realize that he is from a family of musicians and was a prodigiously gifted piano player in his youth but later chose to give up music altogether, much to the disappointment of his father. He now spends his free time doing normal things: hanging out in bowling alleys or bars with his friends and his devoted but rather ditzy waitress girlfriend named Rayette(Karen Black). When he finds out from his sister that his father has had a second stroke and is seriously ill Bobby reluctantly decides to journey back home. Thus begins an existential journey into his past, where he will confront his regrets and finally, in a poignant scene, apologize to his immobilized and mute father. Bobby is a restless character who, in his own words, moves around a lot. He has no real sense of identity and there is not any particular place he feels at home. He treats his girlfriend quite horribly and clearly wishes to leave her, but he cannot; perhaps out of cowardice, perhaps out of loneliness. The movie contrasts two worlds: the blue-collar, proletarian world in which we see Bobby in the first half of the movie and the bourgeoisie, middle-upper class world that pervades the second half of the movie. Bobby is somewhat stranded between both worlds and does not exactly embrace either way of life. Although it is Nicholson's powerful performance that dominates the movie, the other players certainly deserve a mention. Lois Smith gives an understated as Bobby's loving and slightly neurotic sister Partita. Partita is of a more amiable disposition than Bobby but has a similar air of eccentricity and frustration. When they first meet they engage in some wicked humour at the expense of their slightly patronizing older brother(Ralph Waite), who is restricted to a neck brace after a recent accident. Nicholson and Smith are both so warmly convincing in this scene that we immediately believe they are siblings, that they have shared a past and are both the offspring of a demanding house of musicians. Partita provides an interesting contrast with the character of Bobby. She did not abandon her roots or give up music, but now she is a seemingly frustrated pianist, not really any happier than Bobby. Karen Black is brilliant as Bobby's girlfriend; a bawdy would-be country singer, at once sympathetic and irritating. She is hopelessly in love with Bobby, despite the rather cruel way in which he treats her. One of the saddest things about her character is that sometimes she even seems to welcome his playful style of bullying. However, there is one remarkable scene Bobby leaps valiantly to Rayette's defense, when she is belittled by a pretentious snob at a dinner party. Bobby is a complex and contradictory character who may indeed have some secret fondness for his dim-witted girlfriend and the simple, vulgar lifestyle that she represents. Essentially this is a story of a profoundly unhappy man who has no clear idea what he wants. And perhaps the most tragic thing is that there is absolutely nothing he wants(the unsettling ending would certainly coincide with this theory). The movie deals with the theme of regret, but never in a simplistic way. We can understand why Bobby chose to abandon his roots and give up anything to do with his former life, but we can also understand why doing so would torture him in later life. The movie moves slowly and is oddly hypnotic with its realism. However, what makes the movie really great is the character of Bobby Dupea. He is a character of great complexity and depth. I was reminded of Holden Caulfield in his mix of sensitivity and toughness. He is a contradictory person; a confused haze of personas,regrets and half-formed admissions. He might be a very gifted and intelligent person but when faced with simple reason he responds by acting the fool or flying into a rage. For all these flaws, he's an immensely likeable and sympathetic character.

Alexander G (jp) wrote: Excellent movie based on the George Bernard Shaw play - more theatrical than a movie, but if you love dialogue, you'll love this movie.