A documentary about the courage, bravery and triumph of the "Rocket Men" of the U.S. manned space program.

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Matthew W (mx) wrote: once again Tyler Perry proves he's only out for himself making these millennial blaxportation movies. Thanks for keeping the black stereotype alive.

Nick B (mx) wrote: Super interesting story! I hope my reunion is half as fun as these guys haha

Richard G (fr) wrote: Incredible story of faith and the power of God!

M G (es) wrote: A film full of passion, struggle, and knowledge. Night Catches Us (2010) follows Marcus who returns home after the death of his father. His return does not come with a positive response. Suspicions arise from his brother (Tariq Trotter/Black Thought of musical group The Roots), a quandom love, Patricia, and the remaining members of the Black Panther group. Their suspicions derive from a community belief that Marcus provided information to the Police that led to the killing of a Panther leader. Marcus holds the true identity of the leak/snitch. As he tries to get situated, Marcus again is placed in a role between the Panthers and the Police. He is forced into a predicament that would lead the Panther/Police struggle arising. Patricia is forced into a position where she has to decide between holding the peace of the two groups or leaving with the rekindled love to raise her daughter. Director/Writer Tanya Hamilton presents a story that is based within both the American and African American experience. The narrative helps the audience revisit the concept and purpose of the Black Panthers. She does challenge the militaristic image of the Panthers, which derives from popular American history. Outside of the well-written narrative (that's neither simple, nor extremely complex), the cinematic quality is superb. She presents scenery of an urban 1970's neighborhood. The cars, hairstyles, and clothes place the audience into a believable time period. The acting is well done. The darker lighting adds to the film's mood.

Mel L (nl) wrote: Oooh this sounds interesting. Love all history, especially since I'm majoring in it at the moment.

Kinohi N (ru) wrote: Cute, Turco-German, culture-clash flick. Entertaining and warm.

Bradley K (br) wrote: A fine example of lat 80s chic. A young Sting playing a solo on a contrabass is reason enough to see this film, but the Newcastle setting is also exploited for the smokiest, dreariest mood possible.

Anthony C (de) wrote: Alot worse of a film then the first one but alot more fun. B-movie veteran Jim wynorski(Chopping mall,Return of swamp thing) directs this one and does it as a tongue and cheek and totally over the top action comedy. if you like chessy so bad there good movies then you will enjoy this

Eric J (mx) wrote: This is a cute and earthy movie about a boy's coming of age. Interesting insight into rural Swedish life in the 1950's. A bit slow-moving.

Justin A (ag) wrote: A very convoluted, very slow, and much too long slasher movie. The good news is it is fairly enjoyable with the setups and it is shot pretty well. And while it is too long, it's long because of the ridiculous running time, not because the pacing is off. The pacing was fine, the movie just had no business being nearly 2 hours long.I believe the version I saw was edited, or the movie was cut and there is no uncut version, but whatever the case a lot of blood was obviously missing. It may have enhanced the experience because I was sort of put off by the fast cuts away.The ending is way too complicated and convoluted. The entire plot is a bit of a mess and has several different things going on just to have that twist ending. Every slasher movie was always trying to have a twist ending and this one is no different. The funny thing is, so many of these slasher movies run together that they end up having similar endings. There is actually another slasher movie called The Initiation that has the same basic twist ending. Though, that movie came out a few years later, so you can't make the argument that Happy Birthday to Me ripped it off. Maybe there was another horror movie with the same twist though, because I have felt like I've seen it before.Either way, it's not the worst slasher out there, just way too long. The makeup looks great on the dead bodies, but the edits really took away from it for me. Maybe worth a watch for big slasher fans out there, but otherwise this can be passed.Also, the poster is way too goofy for this movie. It's actually a pretty straightforward slasher flick with little to no comedic relief. In fact, it kind of takes itself a bit too serious and you would never think that based on the poster/cover art for the movie. It's definitely one of the more memorable 80s horror movie posters though.

Barry T (au) wrote: So so film based on a murder of 3 chldren. This story has been told many times on film and also on a docunmentary and this one brings nothing new to the table. Great cast from Witherspoon to Firth and of course rising star Dehaan

Tommy L (au) wrote: This has Ryan Busta written all over it.

Giorgio P (nl) wrote: The Program is Oscar hungry and with it's rushed first and third act, mediocre performances and poor dialogue I really can't recommend it