Rocketship X-M

Rocketship X-M

Astronauts blast off to explore the moon on Rocketship X-M or "Rocketship eXploration Moon". A spacecraft malfunction and some fuel miscalculations cause them to end up landing on Mars. On Mars, evidence of a once powerful civilization is found. The scientists determined that an atomic war destroyed most of the Martians. Those that survived reverted to a caveman like existence.

An astronaut crew of 4 men and one woman on their way to the Moon, are unexpectedly propelled by gravitational forces and end up on Mars instead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (us) wrote: Super cheesey and it will actually make you wonder what the hell you just watched. Read the synopsis and you won't be missing anything fro the movie. Random song and dance sequences with songs that made me wonder why they picked them.

Heather M (br) wrote: This is a beautiful and tragic love story. The ending was absolutely perfect.

Joel M (es) wrote: 8/10: Inspired by the late Micheal Turner's art and Jeph Loeb story in the comics, this is one of the best DC animated films. The fight scenes alone are already worth watching not to mention the amazing storyline.

Kimberly B (br) wrote: This was just meh. I was entertained while watching it, and there were a few surprises, but overall, just a mediocre thriller.

ZACHO D (mx) wrote: An insane Miike film with horror and comedy throughout. Gozu is a crazy train into a strange dementia hell and it is an absolute blast! Another film to prove that Takashi Miike is one of the best directors of our time.

Facebook U (gb) wrote: How to live when the memory is gone? Write down notes that you follow practically blindly. The story runs backward to reveal itself. Like a maize, bits are revealed and the thread holds and turns and twist until we arrive at an explanation. Strange film but it works!

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Liked it just felt like they didn't know how to end it and got too serious as most comedies do.

Dustin D (fr) wrote: The first Lone Wolf and Cub film has a good setup and some genuinely exciting fight scenes, but also hits the wrong notes at times and leaves a few loose ends.

Robert W (ag) wrote: I've seen this a few times since it was released and it is always entertaining to watch two great actors! Good story and plenty of action.

Matt M (au) wrote: Admirably shot in a realistic quasi-documentary style, this film lacks drive and is overall quite dull.

Van R (jp) wrote: The Sergio Sollima-directed Tex/Mex manhunt horse opera THE BIG GUNDOWN qualifies as an above-average Spaghetti western with more elements of irony and social conscienceness than most Italian oaters. The themes of intolerance, racism, and greed are inextricately linked in the literate screenplay by Sergio Donati who contributed to the Sergio Leone pictures FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE and ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. Furthermore, Donati and Sollima give the protagonist and the antagonist some engrossing dialogue exchanges that heighens the drama between the two adversaries. Basically, the story concerns the search for a footloose Mexican drifter who has been accused of raping and murdering a 12 old girl. This happens while the hero, Jonathan Corbett (LEE VAN CLEEF of SABATA), is at the home of a wealthy, influential Texas powerbroker. Brokston (Walter Barnes of RIO BRAVO) admires Corbett and compares him with Davy Crockett. Brokston wants to run Corbett for the Texas senate so that he can obtain his support for a railroad that Brokston dreams of building between Texas and Mexico. Brokston learns from his ranch hands that a Mexican, Cuchillo (Tomas Milian of COMPANEROS) and his heinous crime. Corbett promises Brokston that he will bring the rapist back to stand trial. THE BIG GUNDOWN amounts to a hare and the hound western with Corbett catching and then losing Cuchillo in a series of misadventures that take Cuchillo back to his native country. The Lee Van Cleef hero changes over the course of the action and suspects that something about the crime and the criminal may not add up. Sergio Sollima and Sergio Donati pay tribute to Sergio Leone by dressing their hero that same way that he looks when he played Colonel Mortimer. Indeed, the showdown at the end of THE BIG GUNDOWN when the son-in-law shoots it out with Cuchillo owes a little to the finale in FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE when the Man with No Name intervened and make a duel more fair. The slippery Mexican thief Cuchillo is rather thoughtful for a character of his kind. He lives by his wits and has a knack for improvisation. This trait is exemplified when he uses his feet to get a cactus thorn and scrape Corbett in the back and fooling him into believing that a snake bit him. The last shot looks like a variation on the Ricky Nelson & John Wayne scene from RIO BRAVO when Nelson pitched Wayne his Winchester repeating rifle. Here, Brokston fires away at Corbett from the top of a mountain knowing full well that no hand gun can reach him. Cuchillo notices this and kicks a Winchester up into the arms of Corbett. He knocks Brokston out of the saddle with one shot. Before they ride away to their different destinations, Cuchillo reminds Corbett that he never caught him.

Tristan Y (nl) wrote: If I ever do get a dog....I'm naming it "Flike". :)

Andy A (kr) wrote: First movie ive seen where ive absolutely hated Cary Grant's character...i was expecting more from Sternberg. It was put together nicely but the protagonist felt shallow and i didnt feel attached to any of them really except for the father and even then it was only half-hearted

Michael R (fr) wrote: Hillbilly Caper Movie...Worth A Watch...

Marcus W (ag) wrote: The idea is perfect and I love it. The execution is a mess: the script constantly veers into "wit" when it needs to play it straight. There are countless plot holes, such as the other two astronauts completely disappearing. There's little tension because the audience knows what's going on, and the ending doesn't give nearly enough resolution for something this big. Call Tony Scott and get it remade.

Ruthie R (de) wrote: "...her mind cracked. It didn't break, it just cracked."