Rockin' on Heaven's Door

Rockin' on Heaven's Door

Troubled celebrity Choong-Ui (Lee Hong-Ki) gets into trouble with the law. Choong-Ui is then forced to do volunteer work at a health-care facility for the terminally ill that is about to be closed down. While working at the hospice, Choong-Ui is able to come to terms with his own psychological wounds and, at the same time, help the patients to continue with their dreams.

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Sherry R (br) wrote: This was a very good movie! Sad situation.

Natasha b (ag) wrote: its ok...but i love d first one wt jonh abraham and bipasha

jeremy b (de) wrote: One of the best animated shorts. Scratch that the best. It shows how amazing blender and gimp are. It is worth buying the dvd.

Brian C (kr) wrote: Interesting vampire movie that takes an unexpected twist. Lots of tension and gore, and for a change, intelligent characters. There is a lot of like with Prowl.

Todd V (ca) wrote: despite queen latifah, i still kinda want to see this.

Mike H (ru) wrote: wow, amazing such great acting by Mulhern, definitaly one of my faves. Love this movie. especially the sex scenes :D

Mary G (es) wrote: This movie sounds SO Stupid! Only flatulent humor-loving kids, I'm sure, would pay money to see it! It's just so darn gross to think any person would truly appreciate the overwhelming theme in a movie, as such humor as fart jokes!

Michael W (us) wrote: OH BOY! This is really bad but somewhat charming in its own bumbling way. The special effects of the dog in demon form must be seen to be believed!

DC E (jp) wrote: There are a handful of movies that I am sort of embarrassed to admit that I like. When discussing these films, I tend to say "yeah well, I liked it" in a meek voice. Cary Grant plays a father of three who, after a divorce, doesn't know his children. After his ex-wife passes away, he ends up with custody of his three children with no idea how to raise them. After running away, the youngest child befriends a woman he meets at a fair. Not knowing that she actually comes from a wealthy family, Grant's character hires her to be their nanny and maid ... and quickly finds out that she has no idea how to clean or cook.It was cute, all right? Heh. It was entertaining and enjoyable. Sure, it was very much like a sitcom ... but it was very much like a GOOD sitcom. It is a feel good movie and somewhat of a chick flick, but like I said ... it is good. Deal with it. lol10 Scale Rating: 7.0 ...

Jeremiah Z (ca) wrote: Fritz Lang integre brillamment une enquete hollywoodienne sur fond de nazisme

Drew S (it) wrote: This is where the series slowly starts to deteriorate its entertainment value. Conquest still has its clever and tense moments. Roddy McDowall can do nothing wrong being in ape makeup.

Ryan M (jp) wrote: While slightly heavy-handed at times, Oliver Stone succeeds in delivering a scathing critique of the hypocritical duplicity of the American media. In many ways, the aggressively eccentric tone reflects the animosity with which segments of the news media take advantage of the sensuous nature of the consumer.

Robert P (fr) wrote: Loved it but that was a long time ago

Ca M (gb) wrote: Not to bad of a vampire character. Some characters i wish they did more with. This movie I found to be anti-climatic. The animation is wonderful.