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Juliano K (gb) wrote: Can i sleep already... really this predictable? 20/12/2016

Carla S (fr) wrote: Sin dudar una de las mejores peliculas cristianas que he visto. Excelentes actores y un mensaje acerca del perdn y la gracia BRUTAL. Si aun no la has visto pues dejame decirte que debes verla. Conoce cual es la carta de gracia que te vas a jugar de frente al que no te ama , al que te ha herido ... y como Dios va a recompensarte. Wow . Mega recomiendoo.

Loreno v (au) wrote: "There's More Than One Way To Shoot Yourself"A documentary on the rise and stumble of Troy Duffy, the bartender-cum-filmmaker who was swept up by Miramax's Harvey Weinstein to turn his script for The Boondock Saints into a feature film. REVIEWOvernight follows Hollywood urban legend Troy Duffy, a guy who went from bartender to the "next big thing" in the late 90s literally overnight with a prospective deal with Miramax for his cult script The Boondock Saints. Duffy was a member of a creative group who called themselves The Syndicate and two of the members were lucky (and smart) enough to document this period. They thought they were making a documentary about a unheard of rise to fame but instead chronicled the deranged dealings of an egomaniac unleashed. Some of the scenes in this movie are so cringe inducing (like nearly every frame Duffy is in). How a guy who has absolutely nothing to show for it can ramble on and on about how he is the impetus for all things positive happening and not to blame for anything negative is beyond me. How anyone listened to him after a series of self induced setbacks is even stranger. As the film progresses, the viewer is basically treated to a visual display of career suicide. Filmmakers Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith are interviewed on the disc and asked why no one ever took Duffy aside and told him he was ruining his big break. They answer that about midway through their experience that they decided the only thing salvageable from this destructive situation would be this documentary. They were right and this is an amazingly candid peak into the world of show business.

Sandra M (gb) wrote: Delightful! Annette Bening is simply exquisite. What an actress!

Brandon C (ru) wrote: Personally I feel this movie was ahead of it's time and does not deserve the bad reputation it has. Jason Lee and Tom Green are an excellent on-screen duo and they provide many laughs throughout the entire film. I can't say it is the most excellent comedy of all time, but it is definitely better than most critics give it credit for.

Michael V (es) wrote: I'm not a fan of remakes, many try to just copy the success of other films while some lift the original scene for scene to poor effect. However this at least tries to do something slightly different with it by setting it in a military base and bringing the drama into the family setting. In fact this setting creates some of the best scenes. The greater effects are good but really I preferred the paranoid tension of the 50's original or the even better 70's attempt rather than the horror of effects. However I still think this is a very solid effort from a good director. Of course it suffers with comparison with the original and that's because the original is a sci-fi classic. But as it's own film it is pretty good. Naturally it has it's weaknesses with the effects overpowering the story at times. The cast isn't very inspiring. Tilly has all the good lines and she is actually quite good. Anwar is also very watchable. But Ermey is type cast in his usual military role and Whitaker is far too calm and reasoned to do the job; he needed to be more like McCarthy in the original. To really enjoy this it requires you to not compare to the two previous outings.

Dylan M (ru) wrote: interesting plot,interesting characters and the direction was clever working with the budget they had for the time was rare.

David V (it) wrote: Weird and twisted. I have no idea how any of this ties into the Bible, and I thought the whole point of the movie was that this woman was drawn into a cult. Boy, was I wrong. The entire ending left me thinking, "Uhhh...what the heck?"

Pnos B (br) wrote: Very rarely is a film so bad that I can't sit through more than thirty minutes of it.

Jason S (kr) wrote: Great film about growing up.

Laura L (us) wrote: I get why no-one like this movie. Most of the adult characters are terrible, its over-melodramatic and so completely unrealistic, but the beautiful music and Freddie Highmore's charm endear the film to me.

Louise D (br) wrote: I wasn't familiar with Crumb's work, and found most of it dated and repulsive. The interviews with Crumb and his family and friends are startlingly honest, and subtly reveal pieces of his life and behaviour in a way that made me keep changing my mind about him and his art. I was left with the thought that, though his work may be disturbing, it has enabled Robert Crumb to escape as the least troubled and troubling of his family.

Luis C (nl) wrote: Excelente cinta de ciencia ficcin del gran director de este gnero Roland Emmerich. Universal Soldier fue la primer cinta ms popular de este director, le sigue Stargate: La puerta del tiempo, y finalmente Da de la Independencia, que lo catapultara a la fama con el gnero de pelculas de desastre del cuan se posicion bastante bien y promete regresar con las secuelas de Da de la Independencia aunque sin Will Smith.Universal Soldier si bien no es el debut de Emmerich, s es una cinta que muestra ya parte de sus sellos como son la ciencia ficcin en la cual nos muestra cuartos con pantallas y militares, pantallas con vistas de primera persona e imgenes distorsionadas o de un solo color o pocos colores y otra serie de detalles que distinguen a este director.Adems es la primer cinta de una serie en la que participan juntos Jean-Claude Van Damme y Dolph Lundgren.La premisa de la misma es simple: la creacin de un supersoldado y cuyo experimento resulta un poco fallido al "reclutar" dos soldados que son enemigos. Otros sello de las pelculas de Emmerich en el cual el elemento humano provoca una falla.Es una entretenida cinta que mezcla las artes marciales con la ciencia ficcin y es tal vez la mejor de toda la serie. No es una pelcula imprescindible por lo cual no la califico de excelente, sin embargo tiene sus buenos momentos y adems de reconocer el buen trabajo de Emmerich como director y que ayuda a reconocer su estilo.

Kieran S (ca) wrote: Embarrassing, even Seann William Scott admits its not his finest hour. (And 27 minutes).