Rodencia Y El Diente De La Princesa

Rodencia Y El Diente De La Princesa

A magical adventure begins Once upon a time, within a vast and wild forest there was a fantastic Kingdom called Rodencia, a place where wonderful creatures and powerful wizards lived. It's ...

Rodencia is a magical kingdom, situated in the middle of a forest, the house of fantastic creatures and powerful wizards. At here, the small Edam dreamt of becoming the greatest magician in the world. For this, he decided to go on a long adventure, accompanied by Queen Brie, until met a legendary power. The biggest obstacle was the Rotex villain, King Rat, who planed to overthrow Rodencia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (us) wrote: Overall, a wonderful little film that no doubt will get nominated for Best Animated Short for the Oscars. If it doesn't, I'll be incredibly surprised as the film isn't just fun but an amazing film technically.

Whitney M (ru) wrote: Really good and very funny

Leon B (au) wrote: Review:Man, this film was long and extremely boring. Nothing seemed to happen all the way through the film and I really struggled to keep my eyes open. I can't really say what the film is about because I really lost interest after a while, but I think it's about two teachers who bring there worlds together of words and pictures by holding a competition in a school. Clive Owen, whose from the world of words, is a alcoholic who is fighting to keep is job and Binoche is from the world of pictures who hasn't got faith in her work. Its seemed more like a play than a movie because there's a lot of dialogue which I got bored of. The love story was a bit strange between the two characters and the tone was dull and it just seemed to drag after a while. That's not to say that the two top actors didn't play there parts well but I just didn't relate to there characters. I was extremely impressed with Binoche who was playing a disabled woman who found many different ways to do her paintings but it wasn't enough to save this drawn out movie. Disappointing!Round-Up:I think that the main problem that I found with the film was that I wasn't interested in the subject matter. The challenge between words and pictures is a good concept which could make a good film, but you really need to make the characters interesting. The chemistry between the two main characters was OK but they really came from two different world's which made them hard to connect. On the plus side, it's a different side to Clive Owen's acting style which we haven't seen in a while and he has proved that he take on any project, but this movie really didn't do it for me.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $3.2millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their dramas about 2 teachers who are trying to bring there world's of words and pictures together, by holding a competition for there students. 3/10

Angela G (jp) wrote: Would have been a good movie if not for the lack of acting, bad editing, and confusing storyline.

Nicket S (ag) wrote: A lot better than expected.Breakout performance(1 of the best) by the brilliant Prashant Narayanan....Hashmi is also good and looks convincing in some scenes.

Sean D (es) wrote: Useless. Just another weird monster plot mixed in with the war on terror. Sands of Oblivion was better! Two sand worms, not sand snakes which doesn't even make any sense such as what is mentioned in the title are resurfaced from being deep underground after an explosion that allows them to escape closer to the surface, so what do they do? Well, I guess their instinct says to eat they try to eat everyone around, which are Afghan citizens, the Taliban, and the American army. The whole plot involves escaping Afghanistan. There is no special way to destroy the sand worms. They are just really huge and long, so a good explosion near the mouth area should easily do it. Nothing special here, nothing crazy, no love angle or heavy backstory that helps the plot. And that's great, it's not like every other SyFy film, it's still boring and pointless.

Jens S (ag) wrote: The story of Martin Luther King's efforts to give black Americans the right to vote in the 1960s is mostly engaging and interestingly portrayed. Some conversations could have used some trimming, there are a few slow parts. But the acting is top notch, especially Oyelowo is fantastic during King's speeches. It is the ending with original footage from the walk that is particularly touching and well done. Especially when you realize what a step backwards we seem to be taking currently.

Don S (jp) wrote: Typical serial killer/slasher movie with better than average effects; how some of the victims stayed alive so long as they are being hacked didn't make sense. The plot is cliched, but the acting is decent. Really, the only reason this gets a passing grade is because of the loveliness of Alexandra Daddario and some of the cleavage baring tops she wears.

John S (jp) wrote: Billy Bob doesn't come off as a likeable ass like Walter did in the original. He just comes off as an ass.

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 65%Saw this on 5/6/15A complete waste of time had it not been for a few of it's twists in the end. One should not watch this film expecting an engaging murder mystery because for most of it's time, the film simply wastes it off with the nagging and petty talks of all it's British elites. This one is too slow to be engaging and the overlapping dialogues are horrible to stand. I won't suggest this to anyone because I felt like I lost my 2 hours+ for nothing, but it does have a few good twists in the end. The film also suffers from having too many characters in it that failed to create any sufficient character development for them or make one feel anything for them.

Tyler P (ag) wrote: Un film qui se regarde mais qui est trs convenue et qui manque de profondeur.

Iain M (nl) wrote: Look !this Ain't going to cut it if your looking for a "Notebook" type Romance movie. I started watching it with my triplet sisters who forced me to watch it! But i was plesantly surprised how much i enjoyed the story and the comical quirkyness of Jude Law. Overall i'd say watch it if it's rainy out side and you got nothin better to do!

Evie G (ag) wrote: A very good film. The two best actors were Maggie Smith and Albert Finney.

Sunshine s (nl) wrote: One good cop has to fight the bad guys and take care of his partner's three little girls after he is killed in the line of fire.

George R (ru) wrote: A must see....FUNNY stuff! Fun to watch, but moreso under any influence....'wink' 'wink'!

Kevin D (ca) wrote: Inventive fluff, which is, of course, the best kind of fluff

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: It plays more like a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde film, with a slow pace, and mediocre lead.

Mark W (ag) wrote: Besides Manhattan, this is one of the best Woody Allen movies. Concept and humor are uniquely Wood Allen. I can't wait to watch it again. It, pleasantly, is pre-Diane Keaton. Mia Farrow proves, once again to be the superior actress.

Aaron C (de) wrote: Featuring catchy classical numbers, dynamic performances, an infectiously retro vibe, and impressive costume and production design, Chicago is a musical extravaganza that's toe-tapping fun while also having a coherent story behind all the flare and eye candy.

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