Rogue Cop

Rogue Cop

A police detective on the take tries to catch his brother's killer.

Detective Chris Kelvaney has a brother, Eddie, who also is a policeman. He witnessed a murderer running away from the scene of the crime. Chris has contacts with the gangster Beaumonte, who... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (de) wrote: Well played, psychologically sensible characters. The young woman makes a deadly driving that kills two and changes her life. She feels a nagging guilt throughout and wants to help the surviving victim. This would remove guilt to some degree. The other earth is nonsense that is used to illustrate a progression of feelings. It also put us in a out of this world mood, a strange feeling. Our curiosity is aroused. The story is rather elementary and some of it predictable. The woman is pleasant to look at and follows her feelings. It is not really science fiction.

Ahmet E (gb) wrote: 95 minutes !! loosing time, i m lucky because i sleep 5 min among the movie :) terible movie..(((

Grant S (ru) wrote: Picking up a short while after Firefly left off, the crew of the spacetransport Serenity are harboring a highly sought after fugitive -River, a girl with incredible mental ability and amazing fightingskills. The Alliance, the rulers of the galaxy, have sent one of theirtop operatives after her. He is a one-man army and will stop at nothingto accomplish his mission. Meanwhile for the crew of Serenity it isbusiness as usual, and that business generally involves smuggling,stealing and doing whatever gets them a payout.After Season 1 of the brilliant series Firefly the show was cancelled.Two years later, as a consolation prize, and in lieu of Season 2, wehave the movie Serenity. Follows well from the series and is a greatfollow-up to it.Not exactly the same vibe as Firefly though, and some of thatdifference might be put down to Firefly being a TV series and Serenitybeing a feature film. Firefly was less about action and more aboutcharacters - the crew of Serenity, their relationships and how theserelationships develop. Serenity is more about action with a nod to therelationships already developed in Firefly.This does make Serenity a bit less engaging than Firefly, thoughprobably more accessible to people who didn't watch Firefly.This said, it helps a lot if you've already watched Firefly. Thebackstory is only briefly explained at the start of Serenity and thereis not enough time in the movie to fill viewers in on the characters'personalities and relationships. So, as a standalone film it is prettyshallow. It does thus rely on the viewer to have seen Firefly toappreciate Serenity. This I can testify to myself. I originally watched Serenity withoutseeing Firefly and found it okay but not great (gave it a 6/10).Recently I watched Firefly (found it brilliant) and now have rewatchedSerenity. Very different view on it now (9/10).Ultimately, Serenity provides the closure that Firefly never had and isa fantastic conclusion to the series.

Mariola F (ag) wrote: Weird movie ,it's ok

Ivana P (gb) wrote: such a funny movie. jus cleaver enough for me not to hate it. very realistic and acted with such ease. there is a lil Monnie in all of us i think :)

Joshua R (ca) wrote: Only real highlights were a cameo by Margot Kidder and a very small role played by an actor who was in an episode of my girls asan artist named Jasper Dakimmel, all in all a decent enough premise that doesn't pay off with many laughs

Jeannie B (de) wrote: Classic 80's movie that you have to watch and never gets old.

Scott R (br) wrote: Melodramatic, yet interesting to see Philadelphia's social aspect back in the day. The courtroom scene was good.

Greg L (us) wrote: This movie started out great but then went to crapville.

Charles P (mx) wrote: My problem is, as I find racism to be hilarious, I was giggling like a school boy skipping school during a lot of this flick, especially when the one woman is so disgusted by that black dude holding her daughter's dolly. I know, I know, racism is Serious and Important. I'm a bad person.

Freje b (us) wrote: There will never be a better movie!!!!

Irlen T (br) wrote: GREAT...BOB HOPE...OH MY!...HE IS A GENIOUS!

Joel L (de) wrote: This is a very worthwhile movie, especially in our current political environment. Knox is fantastic as Wilson; overall excellent cast and story.

Henrysmovieguide C (ag) wrote: This movie is very cool and funny. There are some gross-out alien moments, but overall it is very good, quotable, and awesome.

Jesse K (fr) wrote: 3.5/5 Children of Men is technically wondrous with great cinematography and superb world-building. The action is exciting and the story is fairly interesting. However, some performances are lacking and the script could use some work. I was also left very unsatisfied by the ending and felt a but underwhelmed by the expectations the film had set up. It's a good film but I feel like Children of Men has some excellent pieces that were unable to form an equally excellent whole.

Emma R (us) wrote: Almost gold movie, a good silver though

Robert B (ru) wrote: Well made, but the story makes little sense.