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JY S (au) wrote: Ryoo Seung-wan pulls out the agents and crosses them in The Berlin File.Running nearly 2 hours, there is more than enough to follow when it comes to the story. While the pacing of the film isn't necessarily fast, plot details come and go often enough to easily throw things into a bin of shredded paper. In short, the story requires attention to grasp, especially in the first half. Fortunately, things become clearer by the film's final act.The action is nicely done with the highlight happening at the end. It is a good mixture of realism and stylization.Jung-woo Ha, Suk-kyu Han, and Ryoo Seung-Bum share the screen as the three major leads. Gianna Jun, as eye catching as she is, ends up overshadowed by the other three.The Berlin File agreeably fits into the action crime thriller genre and is therefore a recommendable Korean picture.

Ken S (fr) wrote: One of the better made Sy-Fy films, but it's everything you've seen before...just not done as well.

Andrew O (ru) wrote: An undeniably good film, but a somewhat disappointing adaption. The film is weighed by a certain sentimentality that is unnecessary to the idea of the story's moral ambiguity, and it's quite possible that casting a big-name cast is part of the problem.

Ethan T (au) wrote: good-natured adaptation of the cartoon show

Josh S (ca) wrote: Great movie that I have watched on many occasions.

bill s (au) wrote: Made for Fox generic fare.....watchable but not one of his best.

Tracey c (br) wrote: This, along with "Saving Private Ryan" and "Bridge On the River Kwai", is probably my favorite war film. Steve McQueen was outstanding in his role as a disillusioned soldier. You'll notice in some of these movies that the plot centers around an undercover plot that could turn the tide of the entire war, like "Where Eagles Dare" or "The Dirty Dozen". Not here. All that the soldiers are trying to do here is take a German machine gun nest and keep themselves from being slaughtered in the process. This film has several unforgettable moments, but you'll have to see the film to understand them. The film's last scene always make me shed a tear. Recent Oscar-winner James Coburn has a small but memorable role here. Nick Adams and Bob Newhart are also very good.

Private U (it) wrote: Good movie. It really starts to get you when the enemy plays the music.

Richard C (nl) wrote: Some truly suspenseful sequences make this possibly Hitchcock's best film of the 1940's, with Saboteur its main opponent in that field.

Charlie D (br) wrote: Taking a very idiosyncratic approach, with a script within a script. It beholds a ton of widely amusing, distinct and entertaining characters. Along with an enthralling cinematic experience with some very potent dialogue. I think more films in the future should take a walk down this path.

Jake A (de) wrote: This utterly misguided Western is pretty much devoid of any positives so they will be dealt with first. The cast (apart from Johnny Depp) are decent, the locations are solid and a couple of action scenes (though somewhat idiotic) are ok at best. The rest of the film is stupidly and needlessly long, Depp as a casting choice for Tonto was a huge mistake, the script is bland, the plot is predictable, the humour is childish, it is tonally all over the place, though the action is ok at times a lot of it is either nonsensical or improbable and it just generally feels like a Western version of Pirates of the Caribbean. I am glad that this film bombed at the box office because it now means we don't have to suffer anymore of this via a sequel which is what was clearly being set up with this film.

Dev N (au) wrote: An eerie, slow thriller. The climax is painfully disturbing and leaves a mark deep in your mind. And this is achieved without any gore or blood. That's the brilliance of the presentation. A must watch.

Tim M (jp) wrote: Terrible. I couldn't get through 30 minutes. It's Undisputed 3: Redemption, but with essentially no plot or characters, bad direction and shot with an old phone.