Rojo, la película

Rojo, la película


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Caleb R (ru) wrote: This film focuses way too much on the beginnings of this beloved franchise while glossing over or leaving out everything post-1990. This is a shame because it's quite lovely and interesting when it wants to be.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: very important info if you dont know about these issues.

Joe H (ru) wrote: The film has funny parts and quirky characters, but at times I thought it was trying just a little too hard. Not a bad indie flick. And conspicuously "indie."

Suryesh C (ag) wrote: Hilarious....i Really like few OLD films..but this is definitely one of them

Wayne K (us) wrote: Lacking in plot and coherence but compensating with suspenseful action scenes and brilliant car chases, Ronin is something of a mixed bag. I love Robert DeNiro but here he seems to be somewhat off his game, showing very little emotional investment, and while the story tried its best to include plenty of twists and turns, it really doesn't amount to much, leaving the film feeling pretty empty when it concludes. With that said, it's never boring, gets a few good jokes in and, as I previously mentioned, the car chases are among the best ever committed to film. Limited music and no dialogue give them a terse, stripped-down feel, emphasising the driving over any over the top grandiosity. There's few explosions, no one-liners, and the camera work puts us right in the thick of it. It might not be the smartest action film ever made, but it's certainly one of its most exciting.

Martin O (us) wrote: Gutted, this was pants.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Early Eastwood has Arizona Cowboy sheriff travelling to NYC to extradite a prisoner back home. Somewhat dated but did serve as the basis for the very popular tv series McCloud. First of several collaborations between Eastwood and Director Siegel.