Rojo sangre

Rojo sangre

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Veteran actor Pablo Thevenet has no luck: His daughter has been murdered, his wife has left him, he finds no job and his agent wants to leave him - current directors will never give him a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer T (ca) wrote: Absolutely amazing!! ?

Barry T (kr) wrote: bleak but very very well made and acted

Liberals H (nl) wrote: I never really expect much out of a game-to-movie film, and that's what I got. The Rock didnt seem as "electrifying" on-screen as I had hoped, but he got the job done overall....barely. The writing for this movie was just bad. One performance did stand out though, and that was Richard Blake's negative Portman, who played the Aliens equivalent of the "game over, man" role.......

Thomas L (nl) wrote: a different perspective on climate change as well as a bag of things we heard a million times

Adam P (de) wrote: Ishii blends two distinct approaches to Japanese filmmaking, creating a stylistic mixture of minimalist and fast-and-furious techniques from very different generations into a unique pop art aesthetic that doesn't lose its more meditative aspects despite its stylization. Memorably idiosyncratic characters and genre-bending dialogue pulled from its manga source-material recall Tarantino, but Ishii keeps it a little more on the dark and weird side. It's nice to see something so simply and slowly paced and so hip and fun all at once.

Eric R (fr) wrote: Special Effects is another overlooked Larry Cohen film that probably deserves a lot more credit then it gets. This B-movie has some absolutely wild production design and features a strong performance by Eric Bogosian, as a director whom decides to make a movie about a murder which he himself committed. The camera work is pretty great and its really full of signature Cohen type moments. Pretty good stuff.

Arghya Deep Das Z (gb) wrote: Nice movie, the movie is for friends....

Li M (au) wrote: "Good ida I can't watch either. I'm praying." "How fresh is your meat?"

Luca D (ca) wrote: Un film che inquieta pur essendo pacato nei tempi. Non mi ha fatto impazzire anche se la storia vera interessante.

James B (es) wrote: I don't remember hearing a lot about this movie when it came out, but it's great. Kevin Costner and the rest of the cast do a great job, and the story is really well done. This was a fun movie.