• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fame,   guitar,   concert,  

Guitarist Ko-chanis a mess of sexual repression after a childhood at the mercy of two elder sisters eager to use him as a guinea pig for their make-up skills. Bassist Gaku-chan keeps a bucket in the wings for whenever his nerves get the better of him, and drummer Momo-chan is doomed to forever carrying the botched childhood attempts at self-tattooing. It's not until this foursome is forced to look for an additional guitar player after Jin's dad burns his Stratocaster, that attitude and musical ability enter into the equation. Leather-clad, shade-wearing Tani (Tamaki), inseparable from his black Les Paul, is introduced as the king of R'n'R cool and Jinnai keeps him firmly seated on his throne throughout the film, retroactively proclaiming the guitarist, rather than himself, as the band's true hero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sharon B (fr) wrote: A simple & humble story that is poignant and heart rendering. It is a quiet yet intense film. Minimal but brilliant.

Bryan C (us) wrote: Even though I didn't follow everything that was happening from a financial perspective, it was a tense and absorbing look at a firm on the brink in the financial crisis.Grade: B+

Partha R (nl) wrote: Awarapan is a remake of the Korean movie 'The Bittersweet Life' It revolves around an atheist who discovers new meanings of life through a dramatic turn of events Some brilliant performances by the actors too.. Highly recommended!

Private U (kr) wrote: i like how they were all "omfg give me the milk we've been in here for ten minutes"

Ryan G (mx) wrote: I have never really identified with the view John Hughes had of teenagers, so with a similar film like Pump Up the Volume, I figured I wouldn't be able to relate to it. And I really didn't, but more so than anything Hughes ever wrote, I know what it's like to be the quiet kid in school, but I never felt like I had to express my views or yell into a microphone to make sure people knew I was there. Slater is fantastic in a very layered role, but I did not really understand the direction that the story went in. I wanted there to be more craziness and less seriousness (I can understand those who say being a teenager is serious, but I really don't think so). It's a film that easily be up there with some of John Hughes' work, but lonely, misunderstood teenager movies don't make sense to me.

Jordan K (de) wrote: Over the Top's title also serves for its quality. It's a cheesy, ridiculous crapfest that lessens Stallone's iconic badass roles into that of a Dutch-like style (remember that film?), complete with a dumb premise for a dumb "sport".Sly plays a blue collar trucker hoping to reconnect with his spoiled rich son by exposing him to his winning arm wrestling talents, all the while trying to be taken by his eeeeevil rich grandfather and his bumbling henchmen during a one to a million shot at an arm wrestling showcase.You shouldn't expect anything good out of Over the Top just by looking at its poster. The film doesn't take itself seriously nor should it be taken seriously - it's a mess that only could have worked at the box office in the 80s. Sly, at the time, was every 80s kid's badass hero. Rambo and Rocky were very big at the time - Over the Top is less Sly action and introduces a heroic father approach that lessens his badass image. The acting is horrible, overdone and doesn't help with the just as awful plot. It stinks of poor continuity, a hope at exposing the underground sport of arm wrestling to film, and stupidly ridiculous sequences (one that really and hilariously dumbstruck me is literally a nine year old driving a car in a serious, ambitious effort). The plot tends to flip flop between a dramatized divorce soap opera and the hardcore arm wrestling scene. Arm wrestling's popularity at the time was practically nonexistent - why choose it when you could have chosen professional wrestling or something instead? Pro wrestlers like Terry Funk are even in the film. Over the Top serves as a cheap laugh and nothing else - it shows how much some of us really expected from Sly and how much of it really was awful.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Sturges' first film as director. Clever political satire, and a nice showcase for frequent second-banana/villain Donlevy. Sturges would go on to much better, but this is a smart, sharp little film in its own right.

Aaron H (au) wrote: It's an interesting idea for a movie, but the actual execution isn't very good.

Rhiannon M (ag) wrote: It was amazing! It changed my whole perspective of her as an artist and a person. ???