Role Models

Role Models

Two salesmen trash a company truck on an energy drink-fueled bender. Upon their arrest, the court gives them a choice: do hard time or spend 150 service hours with a mentorship program. After one day with the kids, however, jail doesn't look half bad.

Two energy drink salesmen Danny and Wheeler trash a company truck. Upon their arrest, the court gives them a choice: do hard time or spend 150 service hours with a mentorship program. The choose the latter, and it's the worst choice ever! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurence W (kr) wrote: Read the official description & you'll see what's wrong with this movie: there is nothing to reveal. The movie dances around the fact it doesn't have an actual story. It takes some fascinating chances with sound & cinematography and I enjoyed it if only because of its quirkiness. It is incredibly atmospheric at times, and definitely off the beaten track. I hope the people responsible get to make more movies. This one is halfway between the real deal and a music video; given time, I believe its makers can deliver the real deal - possibly in a way we have never seen before.

Ryan H (us) wrote: The Second Best American Pie Film...Hilarious And Actually Emotional

Gandikota A (it) wrote: The occasionally frustrating cinematography and unsubtle score make Nishabd hard to start watching, but bear through it because it only gets better. Amitabh Bachchan's masterful performance and the terrific second act, make Nishabd one of RGV's finest and sadly, his most underrated.

Jerry F (ag) wrote: Another great performance from Cameron Diaz. Good fun. Great film.

James D (au) wrote: Pretty good movie with solid performances. May be the last Kilmer film before he turned into Brando.

Taylor B (jp) wrote: What an experience - simply beautiful

Morgan F (ru) wrote: Wickedly funny, witty, tragic, and, of course, beautiful.

Bryan C (fr) wrote: A bad premise made worse by a terrible script and even worse acting. I know some people love this movie, but I don't get it.Grade: D

Brian R (au) wrote: Images is a weird creepy picture where Susannah York plays as a guilt ridden woman who freaks out by seeing images of a man she use to have an affair with. Then there is another man who comes into her life and wants her. Images ends with a murder where I had a feeling would take place through the film. Unsucessfully Images is not really a shocker but then again Robert Altman always likes to experiment and tell different stories even if it's not to his liking.

Michael L (us) wrote: i was neve really into british melodrama and this one wasnt terribly exciting or interesting BUT ava gardner was excellent AND the cinematographer jack cardiff is one of the greatest camera in history. those two things alone make it worth watching

Ash D (fr) wrote: Pretty much noir in a nutshell.