From the director of Die Hard comes this high-octane thriller that roars along at a breakneck pace (Los Angeles Times)! Starring Chris Klein (American Pie), Jean Reno (Ronin), LL Cool J (Charlie's Angels) and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (X-Men), Rollerball goes full-throttle with excitement from its death-defying opening until its explosive end! Jonathan Cross (Klein) is the newest recruit in the most extreme sport of all time where his fast moves and killer looks make him an instant superstar. But Cross life in the fast lane collides with reality when he learns that the league's owner (Reno) is orchestrating serious on-court accidents to boost ratings. Now Cross plans to take down the owner and his ruthless sport before the game puts an end to him!

In this fast action-packed thriller, Jonathan (Chris Klein), Marcus (LL Cool J), and Aurora (Rebecca Romijn) compete in a dangerous, fierce sport called Rollerball. Although, Johnathan and Marcus try to quit, cruel and vindictive promoter Alexi Petrovich (Jean Reno) encourages them to still participate. Petrovich sends his men to attack them while they are on a trip, but Johnathan survives. In the end during a game of Rollberball, Petrovich attempts a public execution of Johnathan, but the question is will Johnathan get revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rollerball torrent reviews

Antonio C (it) wrote: Good movie but the final scene is not good enough

Don S (fr) wrote: I'm afraid to say the effervescent and totally hot Anna Kendrick could not make this "comedy" with horror elements (zombies, wraiths, etc.) watchable. The Biblical rapture takes place, and those left behind must contend with the Anti-Christ (known as The Beast) until the coming of Jesus. Not really a concept to build a comedy around. Kendrick and her boyfriend try to stop the Beast, and supposedly this is where the hilarity ensues. Nothing funny. Not much good except Kendrick.

Lyla R (mx) wrote: this was acually pretty creepy haha, it reminded me of an episode of the simpsons.

Anna N (nl) wrote: Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.

Ben W (mx) wrote: This was enjoyable in the worst sense of the word, in other words purely for how terrible every aspect of it. There's the animation of Mr Clipboard wobbling around, there are lines like, "You cold-farted itch" and a the entire plot somehow manages to be a thinly veiled reference to the Holocaust! If you like films that are offensive on both a sensory and mental level, this cannot be recommended enough for you.

Jonathan M (es) wrote: this movie is freakin awesome

Claudette A (br) wrote: I loved this film. If only they made films like this these days. I want one, just like a big puddy cat. I always remembered the music of this film, from my music class in high school - "Born free, as free as the wind blows. As free as the grass grows, born free to follow your heart".

Dan E (es) wrote: I'm not gonna beat around bush just to let the Peanuts/Snoopy die hards down easy. Snoopy, Come Home is a drawn out wash up of an animated movie that can't find it's place in the culture. Aim for adults? Or aim for children? How about neither? The movie is literally a waste of time and is too depressing to be accepted by so many people. It's so depressing I wouldn't recommend it for children, and it's so childishly annoying that I wouldn't recommend it for adults.I will always love Snoopy but this is the worst movie to pick for him to be the main star in. Such a waste of all of our time! Snoopy's and ours!