Rollo and the Woods Sprite

Rollo and the Woods Sprite


Hairy and rowdy creatures called rolleys sail to a land inhabited by more peace-loving elves. When the rolleys arrive to the elf village, they scare the elves away and settle down in the village. One of the elves, Milli, a brave elf girl, returns to the village to make a peace with the rolleys. The rolleys do not warm to Milli's peace proposal, but she becomes friends with a rolley called Rölli. It becomes their mission to solve the conflict between the elves and the rolleys. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rollo and the Woods Sprite torrent reviews

Urvi S (ru) wrote: Super production and inspiring movie!

Greg R (ru) wrote: I watched it thinking it would be corny good. It wasn't corny.

Kevin T (gb) wrote: This is a good movie being judged by generations who not only do not understand war but pretend like it doesn't exist to compensate for their sorry excuse of life of being a liberal film critic among a horde of circling liberal film critics. The worst thing about the reviews is the sheer ignorance of saying that it insights Islamophobia or Xenophobia when it has nothing to do with either of those, the equivalent of yelling RACISM at any criticism they don't agree with, nonsense.

Private U (au) wrote: the search of a mother's land becomes a path of desperado...

Jake A (mx) wrote: Tim Burton returns to direct this sequel which is on the whole even better than the first as Burton and others involved from the previous film were able to expand and learn from their experience with the first. The atmosphere and general tone of this film is much darker and the action is far more violent, the cast is excellent, the score is even more epic this time round and even though the villains aren't quite as strong as Nicholson's The Joker that is made up for by quantity, biting social satire and great sexual flair from Catwoman.

Jack G (ru) wrote: what my father in law would call a 'hoot'. it's not great art, but it's fun entertainment, and on that level Nicholson succeeded as star and director.