An Arab oil organization devises a plan to wreck the world economy in order to cause anarchy and chaos.

An Arab oil organization devises a plan to wreck the world economy in order to cause anarchy and chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mira Mohd S (ru) wrote: Just like his previous endeavors Awarapan (A Bitter Sweet life) & Murder 2 (The Chaser), director Mohit Suri borrows the basic elements of the gruesomely awesome Korean thriller I Saw The Devil gives it his own twist/turns & plot addition/subtraction suitable for his audience.Told with an even pitch, the film isn't anything like the run-in-the-mill stories we are subjected to watch every week. Siddharth Malhotra just fresh into his third film gives a superb performance, its a delight watching him brood. Shraddha Kapoor kinda carries her Aashiqui 2 character forward with more excitement, playing her part well. Ek Villain is Retiesh Deshmukh's show!! The dude is just creepy & character development actually makes you sympathize with him. Retiesh has ruled the comedy roost for a while, this awesome turn is sure to win him some accolades. The supporting cast; Amna Sharif, Shaad Randwala & KRK (Oh God!) do a fine job. Soulful music forms a integrable part of Mohit Suri films, this film does not defer. All said & done the one most important factors which fails is the direction, he is among the few directors who provides commercialized dark themes films, & unlike his previous film the film does not maintain the intensity & the pace which it means to provide. Nevertheless the film's riveting rhythm, soothing music, breathtaking performances ?from? Sidharth and Riteish turns Ek Villain into ??magnificent?, creepy and? ?emotional ?watch. ?

Kyle M (mx) wrote: Manifested with a newfound energy to put more into the mythology and conjuring up a few scares but resulted to be the least than the previous Activities with the thrills not the same and lesser creativity. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Danneka S (it) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Tom W (nl) wrote: Not a bad movie overall. The fight scene between Jet-Li and Mark Dacascos in the end is epic and top notch.

Sune B (ag) wrote: Visuelt rigtig flot. Og god fantasi i skabelsen af de forskellige vsner.

Jake P (it) wrote: I enjoyed the first half of the movie but as it went on I lost interest and it went on and on. It's a big lavish film with great costumes and sets. The acting is good but it's not amazing. Is it a must see no is it gonna be a classic no but it's an ok film.

MeLany C (br) wrote: Nerds nerds nerds.!!!

Kendall S (br) wrote: Best documentary I've seen a long time...available instantly on Netflix.

Jack Y (fr) wrote: While it has some of the same talents as the much earlier Astrix et Cloptre, this effort seems less fun and more commercial. Nevertheless, its still an entertaining lm.

Jackie L (ru) wrote: A coming-of-age flick based in the Sutherland Shire. So bad and yet so good. "How do I look?" "Rootable!" There are three main sections of cronulla beach.... North Cronulla, South Cronulla and Greenhills....

Richard C (mx) wrote: Marlon Brando delivers one of his most complex and interesting performances in this very underrated adult drama from John Huston that features a mixture of intriguing drama, enjoyable performances and a cleverly paced direction, all done in the view of some unusual but beautiful golden (literally) cinematography. A very good film to watch at the end of the day.

Justin G (de) wrote: Now I want to drag a coffin around.

Gareth D (kr) wrote: Halfway through, I'm thinking I'd rather be doing something else. It doesn't have the realism it needs to keep me gripped. It would benefit from focussing on fewer characters, like in The Killing Fields. The story lists and sprawls. Can't see me gaining anything I've not felt before.

Claire T (ag) wrote: Great movie, I thought this movie was good and I want it on DVD, Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin played great parts, I loved this film, I thought it was a great film, it was better than what I thought

Benjamin F (gb) wrote: A cult classic for disney with truly underrated characters, songs, and story. I love Mulan. The animation is beautiful too.

Jess M (es) wrote: Movies that tell true stories are the best in my opinion and this one is done beautifully.

Jim S (br) wrote: First rate acting and intimate direction along with spectacular photograhpy help make this touching drama fly.

Jamie F (de) wrote: Well acted, but a disappointing adaptation overall. Stays pretty true to the book until the final third, then very pointedly reminds you that this is a fairly low budget tv film. Would love somebody to get hold of this novel and make a high-quality miniseries of it, brilliant story.

Claudia M (kr) wrote: I don't usually write reviews, but do not waste your time or money on this garbage! *Spoiler Alert* 1. MAINLY BECAUSE THIS MOVIE GLORIFIES CHEATING. I've seen other movies (The Notebook) where the woman has cheated, but actually felt remorse the night of or morning after and she was cheating with the love of her life. This character met some new guy, started cheating instantly and felt NO REMORSE. Just woke up the next day to a cute note and went about her business cheating on her long term boyfriend (who seemed great - I felt awful for him!). Screw that. That upset me more than anything else, it made me HATE her. If she had just once said "No, I have a boyfriend", or tried to stop him or woke up the next day very regretful I would have liked this much more.2. Predictability - His neighbor next door gives him a hard time about his loud music and they fall in love, then she gets in an accident, but miraculously wakes up perfectly fine.3. Terrible time lapses - They ran through 7 years in about 30 minutes, but did a horrible job doing so. And she woke up from a coma completely healthy? And did no one age at all during the entire 6-7 years this movie occurred?4. Unrealistic "puppies" - 3 month old Chihuahuas are supposed to be a golden retrievers newborns?? This bothers me more than it should, but is it that hard to find 0-3 week old yellow colored puppies?? Just plain bad producing.5. Awful character development - It was an awful story and the way it was written made it so much worse. I did not care about the characters at all, I actually hated the female lead.

Dora G (kr) wrote: if you haven't seen this movie I suggest you make time. Its funny, romantic and shows the difficulties of being a teenage christian in a society that people would not except you for the person you are, that is other than the ones you love and the ones that love you!