Roma bene

Roma bene

Nino Manfredi is a police captain, giving an onlooker's point-of-view towards the decadent society folk. Party itself features a down & out baron, who dances with the party's glamorous hostess Virna Lisi so that he can steal her valuable earrings. When they're missing, she's angry enough to call in the cops (Manfredi shows up) and have the baron taken away.

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Justin J (es) wrote: C+Ok first off everyone needs to know that the director meant for this movie to look this way. And second, I found this movie to be very funny but not scary at all, unless you think a giant sperm is terrifying or a bunch of gay werewolves.

Ludovic R (ru) wrote: Bon film de Dupontel !

Vadim D (jp) wrote: What seemed like an interesting movie after the first viewing, it's flaws are much more obvious in repeat viewings. Despite a great performance by Diane Lane, the film really doesn't bring anything new to the table and is rather contrived. There was no reason for this film to be made at all.

Kelly K (mx) wrote: I saw this on TV and missed the first half, but the part I did catch was amazing. Powerful, heartfelt performances with a great historical context.

Adam S (mx) wrote: "Crimson Tide" is an above average submarine film, which is no doubt due to the skills of director Tony Scott and uncredited screenwriter Quentin Tarantino, who's influence is seen throughout this film.Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington both embody their characters extremely well - Washington as an analytical academic officer, and Hackman as an old-school shoot-first officer, both working to avert nuclear war between Russia and the United States of America.The film is also helped along by some snappy action sequences, some suspenseful confrontations among the crew, and supporting roles from the likes of Viggo Mortensen and James Gandolfini.A good film.

Seth R (de) wrote: I find it so difficult to judge movies based on books that I've already read. Typically friends suggest that I wait to see a movie until I've read the book, reasoning that seeing a movie first somehow will spoil or taint or color the experience of reading the book ("You won't be able to help thinking of Tom as Jeremy Irons," as in this case. Actually, that might have been true in this case -- Tom, in my mind, was older and much fatter and not as good looking as Jeremy Irons.)But in general I think the opposite is more true. Even though I didn't like the movie version of "Prozac Nation," it did make me curious enough about the book so that maybe someday I will read it (if only to see if the book was as bad as the film).In this case, with "Waterland," it's impossible for me to know what it would have been like to see the movie without having read the book (especially since I just finished reading the book last week). Would the movie have been effective on its own? Because that of course is the key question. NOT how loyal was the movie to the book (in this case, not very) - who cares? The movie needs to be judged on its own, as a standalone creation or work of art.But I can't tell where the movie left off in my mind and the book filled in the blanks.I have the sense that the movie wasn't very good, and that I filled in a LOT. But I really can't know that. So all I have left is the vague sensation that it wasn't a very good movie.

Charlie M (ag) wrote: Former secret agent has a memory chip and goes to Mars to find his true identity in this sci fi classic.

Cat B (mx) wrote: My least favoourite of teh Nightmare films, yet still worth a watch for all Freddy fans. It lacks a gripping story, and decent on-screen action isn't particularly appealing, yet I have no problems what-so-ever with the characters, the lead of which is Alice, from Nightmare 4.

Brigitte S (es) wrote: Superbe vocation historique d'un roi "fou" qui a laiss un patrimoine inestimable l'Allemagne!

Laurel S (mx) wrote: Not one favorites but its okay.

Darby R (us) wrote: All Hollywoodized chaos and action with very little explanation and virtually no story. Some true-story movies are hard to watch because of their subject matter and the way it is portrayed; Schindler's List being a prime example of a 'hard to watch' movie done right. The contrast: some true-story movies are hard to watch because of their display of excessive violence and brutality without much of a purpose; Black Hawk Down being a prime example of the latter.