Roman de gare

Roman de gare

A popular novelist researches unlikely sources to find characters for her next bestseller.

A popular novelist researches unlikely sources to find characters for her next bestseller. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mon K (ru) wrote: Perfect example that a great cast doesn't guarantee a great film! Terrible movie!

Mad M (kr) wrote: The sum of its parts add up to a pretty captivating movie.The performances and attention to detail are great. The plot could have been better developed.

Mohammed R (mx) wrote: Nice movie, complete directors movie. Very calm and slow movie perfect to watch for a weekend.

Nick M (br) wrote: Now I'm really into cult movies-- I kind of see myself as an authority on them. So the fact that I've never heard of the Kuchar brothers until I watched this documentary made me realize that I was missing out on some genuinely absurd underground cinema. This doc simply serves to point out that these filmmakers existed. There really isn't any conflict, just two aging guys reflecting on a lifetime of work.

Gloria B (de) wrote: Wasnt as good as the first one but was good

James H (ag) wrote: Slow moving, not funny often enough and way too talky. Sincere performances, but they don't ring true. Fair script. Not enough happens to really hold your interest.

robin a (de) wrote: It was a great movie, the thing that irritated me was when he kissen her friend and when he kissed his ex, I mean if he loves the girl, he shouldn't do that but I liked the movie any way, really good!!

Fox M (de) wrote: That's one of the more sophisticated Bollywood films dealing with serious social issues of India. It features a dramatic love story, exotic settings and only a few song parts. Unfortunately you'll probably notice the length of this movie. And some character moments are hard to understand.

cli o (mx) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Jim D (ca) wrote: Really lame... not interesting or funny

ZACHO D (es) wrote: It's kinda like I Spit On Your Grave, except that this film is a thousand times better in every way.

Augustine H (au) wrote: Laurence Harvey is a prick.

Ali K (ca) wrote: Life is like a rope. You only fall once.

Donna L (ag) wrote: Based upon the book, 'Blow: How a Small-Town Boy Made $100 Million with the Medellin Cocaine Cartel and Lost it All' by Bruce Porter, BLOW is the story of George Jung who is currently serving a 15 year sentence. This is the true story of Jung who worked for reputed drug kingpin Carlos Escobar, and is accused of single-handedly importing cocaine into the USA in the 1970's. Jung's rise and fall coincides with the switch from pot to cocaine as the drug of choice among the rich and famous. - Johnny Depp, Peneloppe Cruz, Ray Liotta

Dinesh P (de) wrote: Best part of the story was that main character wants to avenge his injury from the main villian and it is towards the end they turn out to be pawn in a bigger game plan hatched by Commisioner and local politician. It has been shot brilliantly too. The first chase cum fight is brilliant. A movie worth a watch.

Issac C (br) wrote: Terminator Genisys is about Kyle Reese travelling back in time to do the same thing in the 1st movie, but when he goes back, Sarah Connor is already informed of Terminators and has been raised by the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator himself, so Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor, and The Terminator must work together to save Sarah Connor and stop Genisys. Now I know this movie got rather mixed audience reviews and critics really didn't appreciate it, I thought this was the best Terminator movie since T2. I thought it had great depth, great acting performances, and amazing and beautiful camera work and graphics, while keeping true to the Terminator series. Another reason I really like this movie is instead of doing the same damn thing like Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation did. I thought the director really knew what he was doing redoing the events of the previous movies. My only issues with this movie were, I was a bit pissed that they did some certain things with a certain character and some of the tired out Terminator clichs that need to stop, but all an all a worth while visit back to the Terminator universe.

Steve D (br) wrote: if you enjoy Schumer's brand of comedy (and I really do) you will love this very different comedy

Luciene C (de) wrote: Mesmo depois de tanto tempo, e mesmo reconhecendo suas caractersticas particulares, que tentam aproxim-lo de Crime e Castigo, eu sempre vou ver Match Point como uma verso inferior de Crimes e Pecados, um filme muito mais rico e mais bem estruturado.