Romanzo popolare

Romanzo popolare

50 year old Giulio (Tognazzi) and his 17 year old goddaughter, Vincenzina (Muti) fall madly in love with each other and soon are wed. Unfortunately for Giulio he walks in on his friend and ...

50 year old Giulio (Tognazzi) and his 17 year old goddaughter, Vincenzina (Muti) fall madly in love with each other and soon are wed. Unfortunately for Giulio he walks in on his friend and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amilcar A (br) wrote: I hold the position that if you added up all the movies about Nazis and WWII together, they probably last longer than the war itself. This subject seems to be the tree that keeps on giving. This latest iteration is an intelligent, creative and unique approach to the Nazis. The subject deals with Dr. Mengele showing up in an Argentine lodge in Bariloche as a rather unsuspecting physician. He is however to curious and too involved to go unnoticed for his own good.What I found fascinating about this movie however wasn't the Dr. but rather the blind eye that the Argentines evidently had on the Nazis exiled in the south. These assholes were not underground. They had German schools and went to bars named Bavaria. Also every other photo seemed to have a swastika showing up somewhere.This is a good movie with a strong plot, decent writing and it's entertaining. It does digress outside the main plot a bit too much so that costs making it convoluted and unnecessarily distracting. However it's smart and totally worth the price of admission.

Kathy B (us) wrote: Gets 2 stars for the beautiful surf scenes :)

Leonard H (es) wrote: Both funny and adorable, I love this movie.

Paul K (jp) wrote: Excellent study of dysfunction. John C Reilly is an actor of quality who has grown on me. The story is implausible but believable - a contradiction in terms perhaps, but applicable. There is some real humanity in the characters, despite their implausibility. It's described as a comedy, but it's only that in the broadest sense.

Kin Wai L (jp) wrote: marvellous meaning and direction

Rafael U (jp) wrote: Sometimes I wonder if some situations are funny, when I do that, I think those are dramatic situations.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Corny, derivative, but still watchable if you like rom-com.

Erica J (mx) wrote: Best Part of the movie = Billy Bob and Patrick wrestling on the bed in cowboy boots and boxers...what the???

Diane Odysey C (ca) wrote: The sequel to Dragonheart introduces Draco the dragon's only offspring, Drake (voiced by Robbie Benson), who's almost fully grown when he's discovered by a stable boy named Geoff (Christopher Masterson).

Jesse F (ca) wrote: Just as clever and witty as the first film. The car crash is some of Craven's best work to date.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: The best Tarantino film Tarantino didn't direct. Slater and Arquette have never been in a better film or given a better performance. The supporting cast is what makes this film shine. Val Kilmer is oddly brilliant as Elvis, Gary Oldman is just plain odd as usual. Even though the main theme score is stolen from 'Badlands', it complements the moments of romance and innocence that resonate amongst the chaos and confusion of the crime and violence.

Nate W (br) wrote: mediocre 80s action movie, pretty slow moving, not enough death

Alden S (nl) wrote: 10 out of 10:Packed with as much action and thrills as Dr No, From Russia with Love is a great follow up to the film that started it all.

Thanila K (ca) wrote: The speech from Lemmon during the town get together made the whole film worth it

D M (au) wrote: A gangster uses an ex-Nazi scientist to re-animate corpses with radiation for revenge and murder. Interestingly, the ex-Nazi is rightly shown as a humanitarian who just wanted to make the world a better place, but is being manipulated by the Irish mobster guy. He also uses the zombies to attack the lead investigator of the killings. Some good stuff, especially the scenes with the protagonist's wife. Also what looks like an early prototype for the cars that created the Google maps.

Lewis N (es) wrote: A rather cool Cavalry officer who, between wars hunts Vampires. First class flick from the chaps who brought you the Avengers.

Ricardo Junior S (ru) wrote: A movie geek favorite thriller, F/X is highly entertaining with its curious special effects approach. Brown is an interesting screen presence.

Dale K (gb) wrote: It was a great movie for the late 70s.

John F (jp) wrote: Pleasantly surprised.