Rome: Power & Glory

Rome: Power & Glory

A six part documentary on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire

  • Category:History
  • Stars:Peter CoyoteBenito Mussolini
  • Uploader:Fakyougo
  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/A
  • Writer:Cassius Dio (writings), Thomas Jefferson (writings), Flavius Josephus (writings), Ovid (writings), Petronius (writings), Plutarch (writings), Lucio An

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Rome: Power & Glory torrent reviews

Easybreeybeautiful S (nl) wrote: very powerful movie. Kimberly Elise was great (as always), and the story it told was sadly all too real for some people. Definitely a movie worth seeing, and sharing with others

Joe M (mx) wrote: For what it is , Grade B movie..

Alex G (gb) wrote: Like any great B-movie, it has its basic problems but overcomes them by speaking about so much with so very little. It is a unique sci-fi film that uses it bizarre story to reflect on humanity and mankind's willingness to settle rather than strive for more. It is fun, wacky, and most importantly something so very different than the norm. I loved the fuck out of this film.

Pete L (gb) wrote: Highly influential (to me). Lots of great ideas here.

Matthew K (it) wrote: Amusing, but I've never been a huge fan of Sandra Dee. The situation is pretty interesting, but the film does seem to drag at points.

Tim S (gb) wrote: Orson Welles' final film released prior to his passing, F for Fake, is every bit as important to the art form as much as his previous work. Discarded critically during its initial release, it has since grown in estimation in the eyes of film fans all over the world. One could argue quite successfully that the film acts more as a visual essay rather than a traditional documentary as it never sticks to one subject. It also uses various interviews, new and old, as well archival footage and newly-shot sequences to carry out its narrative. It can be a perceived mess to those not giving it the time that it needs. It's a film that demands your full attention in order to follow it. There's a loose structure, jumping from one point to another, but it never loses its focus. Welles' intention was to create something completely different than a more conventional documentary, at least in form. In one instance Welles might be waxing philosophical about the perceived truths of authenticity while speaking about Elmyr de Hory, he might simply switch gears, jumping off into an exploration of Clifford Irving. It has the appearance of nonsense, but all subjects are clearly tied together into a complete and cohesive structure. Truth be told, there just wasn't a documentary like it at the time. It's a film that's not merely relegated to being a little seen Orson Welles masterpiece, but it's also an encapsulation of his entire career.