Romeo Must Die

Romeo Must Die

Two warring gang families (one African-American, the other Chinese) maneuver for bragging rights to the Oakland, California, docks. Hang SIng and Trish O'Day uncover a trail of deceit that leaves most of the warring factions dead … or worse!

Romeo Must Die is a 2000 American action film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. Po Sing is waiting for someone in a club in a predominantly African American neighborhood when a group of angry patrons try to start a fight with him. His father's right-hand man Kai and his Asian henchmen pull Po out of the club after a brief fight with the bouncers before the meeting can take place. The next day, Po is found murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (au) wrote: So. This one confused me from the very start. It never really went anywhere. A few cheap scares, but terrible acting. I want my 91 minutes back.

Nick B (au) wrote: A home movie without any real depth to the content. There may be something to dig into here but this doc didn't do any of it.

Lee G (ru) wrote: Hilarious. Look out for the Church of Cannabis. some anti-Zionist Haradi, and a sound Senior Priest At The Vatican.

Timo S (ru) wrote: I knew the story before watching the film as I read the novel as a part of my entrance exam to the university. When I noticed that a film adaptation had been done, I just had to see this.Firstly, I din't know what to think about having John Malkovic as Lurie, but in the end he did his part well. When I read the novel, I felt for the character regardless of the apparent flaws and same applied here as well. Secondly I liked that the script was kept very close to the novel. Thirdly, the film, similar to the novel, is thought provoking. The whole concept of turned tables is interesting and the Disgrace deals with that quite well. Also thumbs up for Jessica Haines for her performance.I recommend this film for anyone who wants catch a glimpse of post-apartheid South-Africa and not afraid of having to think. This film is certainly not an easy film to comprehend and it may leave you a bit puzzled.

GiSsElLe J (ag) wrote: I like thiz movie the part wen mario lopez comes out

Zombie M (es) wrote: What a difference 20 years makes in movies. This is essentially ALIEN but made 20 years earlier.

Jennifer S (ca) wrote: Better than I expected, but still kind of a mediocre noir/thriller.

Tara H (us) wrote: Jean Harlow's last movie is very much like her others - minor without her, but elevated by her sparkling presence. She was one of the greats in an era when stars lived up to their billing. Harlow is paired with her best screen partner here, Clark Gable. Unfortunately, Saratoga is a rather bitter pill, as 26 year-old Jean died suddenly of a kidney infection midway through filming. The remaining scenes were filled in by her understudy, but it loses momentum and must have been torture to complete. Nice for us to see, but really a rather distasteful case of a big studio draining the last few bucks from a fallen star.

Jos M (ca) wrote: La segunda pelicula de Vivien Leigh luego de Lo que el viento se llevo. Clasico y romantico melodrama.

AW C (br) wrote: Whatever it means to you, Eraserhead is a haunting film that is impossible to ignore and unlike anything out there.

Zach R (it) wrote: This movie has the worst imaging I've ever seen. This particular movie has a good plot I must say. It would keep you on the edge of your seat if they had better actors. They must have known it would suck with such cheap cameras and actors. The best part was a tie between the annoying bitch dying or the credits....who knows?

Jay B (ca) wrote: I had to bump up my rating... I forgot how sweet this movie was. Beautifully creepy and strangely humorous. Sleepy Hollow is just fun.