A new film about Erwin Rommel has been shown on German television, depicting the general as a weak man undone by his links to Adolf Hitler.

A new film about Erwin Rommel has been shown on German television, depicting the general as a weak man undone by his links to Adolf Hitler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ina S (ag) wrote: Entertaining, clever and insightful film about German-Turkish identity and living in a strange country.

Joey M (mx) wrote: Yeah, the same thing happened to me.

Zach M (nl) wrote: This is a great documentary about the B-Boy. Looks at so much stuff that has happened and how it has changed. Lots of interesting people were covered.

Nathan C (mx) wrote: Intriguing exploration of German culture, ideological shifts, and virtuous lying. Situational humor and pathos blend well together as our main character figures out how to keep his mother happy while adapting to the fast changes all around him. Even if I didn't care for the lack of honesty or more extreme methods of the protagonist, I acknowledge that it was necessary in telling the story. The heart is vital to the movie rising above its material.

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