Ron White: Behavioral Problems

Ron White: Behavioral Problems

In this special, White riffs on such wide-ranging topics such as the unintended consequences of excessive drinking, his unique approach to funding the war and the joys of a bidet. White proves that he still hasn't solved his "behavioral problems."

Maybe he can't fix stupid, but Ron White sure does deliver the laughs in his brand-new Comedy Central special "Behavioral Problems," another brilliant addition to his already impressive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ron White: Behavioral Problems torrent reviews

Inked D (br) wrote: Watch chapter 1 before chapter 2. Spooks continue...

Navin J (gb) wrote: not a very original, but mildly amusing and kept me entertained.

dave c (us) wrote: Seann William Scott is brilliant as ever and makes a lot of this otherwise would be weak film. He manages to get the best from the script and makes the film whereas possibly another actor might have broke it. Very funny and keeps you laughing all the way through.

Nicholas H (jp) wrote: Basically a totally trash movie. I hate that the critics judged the author based on the movie. Whoever put this movie together decided to disgrace just about every single character in the whole series of books. (Even the most important ones!)Everyone! Disgraced!God I hope they remake this.

Eric M (au) wrote: A decent animated cartoon look at the biblical story.

James H (us) wrote: Familiar story, so not particularly original, but it is still a nice film, well acted, touching at times, decent writing and direction, believably done. A little melodramatic at times. Quite watchable.

MEC r (br) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Jen H (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. It was so cute and funny! Laurel Holloman was really cute in it too!

Alex A (au) wrote: Compared to most other outings of the all-too-often corny Martial Arts genre, Bloodsport is popcorn fun and watchable. The idea of a no holds barred, illegal MMA-esque tournament where fighters from all over the world with different styles duel to the death is a fun concept. Now that being said, the acting is mediocre, the fight choreography, though entertaining, is mundane in terms of quality, and the film oozes with 80's action cheesiness. To it's credit, Bloodsport is one of Van Damme's better films, and it's perfectly adequate to kill an hour and a half with.

Kyle M (gb) wrote: The attempt to remake a classic seemingly tried to match the original spirit. But with Sandler in the picture, this is just under the parody title with his usual traits of his comedies, making things unfunnily silly. One of the usual traits is creating enough laughs. (B)(Full review coming soon)

aaron w (fr) wrote: it's the best of the prequels but who ever says it's great is crazy