Filmed over 14 months with unprecedented access into the inner circle of the man and the sport, this is the first official and fully authorised film of one of the most celebrated figures in football. For the first time ever, the world gets vividly candid and un-paralleled, behind-closed-doors access to the footballer, father, family-man and friend in this moving & fascinating documentary. Through in-depth conversations, state of the art football footage and never before seen archival footage, the film gives an astonishing insight into the sporting and personal life of triple Ballon D'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo at the peak of his career. From the makers of ‘Senna’ and ‘Amy’, Ronaldo takes audiences on an intimate and revealing journey of what it’s like to live as an iconic athlete in the eye of the storm.

The first official and fully authorized film of one of the most celebrated figures in football, Cristiano Ronaldo, from his childhood until 2015, through a series of interviews with Ronaldo himself as well as friends and family. Parts of the film also follow Ronaldo's day-to-day life with family and friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jae S (jp) wrote: I could watch this over and over again.

James D (nl) wrote: my idea of a good time: Meryl Streep Marathon > night out. If that's not a sign that I'm getting old, then I don't know what is.

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matti j (fr) wrote: green for the money and gold for the honey...wiser words have never been spoken

Brian Z (es) wrote: I thought this was really well done. I like that it stays focused on the student movement while still dealing with the wider context, especially locally (the Panthers, the hippy counterculture, the rise of Reagan). Clearly coming from a left perspective, but not uncritical of the movement, the combination of archival footage and diverse interviews gives you both a sense of what it was like at the time and how it is understood in retrospect. If you have any interest in universities as sites of collective resistance, don't miss this.

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