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Joel A (fr) wrote: Very much an Australian Film that just came and went in the cinemas which is shame since it was an exceptional film. The story of a US man wanted to hike the Blue Mountains NSW for the last days of his life & stumbles across this young boy who tragically lost both his parents to accident hours before being found.The beauty of the film is the relationship they develop the old man teaches all he can to the boy & the boy encourages him & gives him hope. It's a tender & touching film that boasts some stunning shots of NSW Bushland also.

Justin T (mx) wrote: The opening scene of a jumpmaster yelling orders in complete darkness, face lit by a spotlight, was so hokey that I thought I'd rented a Band of Brothers "mockbuster" from The Asylum. Other reviewers have weighed in on this film's failures. For me, there were several places where the music drowned out the dialogue. Twice, when an American was being killed, the scene blurred and filled with overlaying in the space-time continuum? No, it was to obscure the fact the the actors weren't up to pulling off a realistic fight scene. American grenades went off immediately. German grenades took several minutes. I'll leave it to more articulate viewers to lay out all the ills this movie. I'm sure the director meant to honor the men this homage was about. So it gets one tomato seed for that.

JeanPaul F (ag) wrote: This could have been better if I knew sooner what I was suppose to be fearing. It should get to the story quicker for it to have succeeded.

Darren H (ca) wrote: Really good story line to this martial arts film. Definitely worth a watch!

Sonia Q (mx) wrote: i've never seen a movie worse than this...

Alda D (ru) wrote: Gostei bastante... tocante e simples, Um bom filme ingls.

Rickard L (us) wrote: I have to say the effects were surprisingly good, but the rest was very meh

Kat K (ag) wrote: BAAZIGAR (1993) - filled with twists and turns!! Exciting nail biting stuff! SRK in a dual role and playing a villain to boot!! He's creepy scary - and absolutely FABulous at it!! I think this was also the first pairing of SRK and Kajol. LOVE the 'Mysterious Eyes' song! Really violent and pretty gory at the end which was a little hard to watch.

Scott L (ru) wrote: Revisited this for the first time in a long while. I think it's my favorite French film of all time, with the perfect art house melancholy ending.

D M (de) wrote: In the 1950s an all-American family moves to a new small town. The elementary school age son questions why they always eat "leftovers" (which most often consists of unidentified barbecued meat). When he asks about the food his normally overly loving parents get very angry. He soon begins to suspect they have been eating people and says as much to the school psychologist who dosent believe him. He is traumatized when he catches his very affectionate parents doing it on the living room floor. At times filmed in a very strange, surreal manner (by Bob Balaban of Best in Show), this horror-comedy is actually pretty dull. Jerri's mom from Strangers With Candy plays a great drunk in this (as she did in the ep. "Dreams on the Rocks"). If you like this, try The Burbs and Serial Mom.

Private U (de) wrote: I really liked this movie. It gives a great, authentic picture of a small village oppressed by a all powerful tax collector. Great movie, great actors, great music!

Memo P (de) wrote: Great Film! An ITalian Postwar Classic!

Paul D (es) wrote: About as cheap a set as it comes with practically the whole film in one small wooden box, but there's great drama and tension throughout.

Bob R (de) wrote: An Amazing, powerful, emotional ride of awesomeness!!!

Peter F (us) wrote: Martin Scorsese's best film? Certainly his most influential, cause Quentin Tarantino and John Woo have both taking more than a few cues from this baby. The fact that it's still so unsettling in this day of no-holds-barred-blood-letting films says a lot, too.

Quincy T (ru) wrote: Slightly chilling but ultimately messy and flawed. With admittedly sharp visual and commitment to practical effect, Harbinger Down has heavy resemblance to The Thing. It will also be appreciated more for fans of old school sci-fi mystery, but unfortunately the effects are not effective. Often done in shaky motion or poorly lit sequences, the organism is a concept better hidden than shown in plain sight and the script is clearly not capable of delivering "feat what you cannot see" horror theme.The crew of Harbinger finds a peculiar object near the Bering Sea. After hefty debate they decide to poke what seems to be Soviet satellite, a poorly made decision. Most of the screenplay is marred with needless arguments. The characters argue almost in every turn, from feeble matter and even down to crucial life preservation decision. These are not the people one would want to be with in high stake situation. Cue the combative professor, finicky brunette protagonist and loud ship crews, then you'll have a story too similar to 2011 The Thing. Just like the creature it grows even more muddled the more it progresses. Visual keeps a good direction for first half. It's clear, very vibrant and camera angle fits the claustrophobic location. However, it mindlessly turns into the dreaded shaky cam, even with found footage touch. There are a couple of good scenes in the making, but these lose thrill when exposed too many times, hence the shaky cam. The latter half uses blur cinematography and ends up contradicting its crisp build-up. Despite the effect used, CGI or practical, the movie has to be engaging. Harbinger Down has a few glimpses of terror, but neither its effect nor story has adequate quality to keep the movie afloat.

Rafaella T (br) wrote: Just a waste of time...