A briefcase with undisclosed contents – sought by Irish terrorists and the Russian mob – makes its way into criminals' hands. An Irish liaison assembles a squad of mercenaries, or 'ronin', and gives them the thorny task of recovering the case.

The film centers on a team of hired ex-special operatives trying to steal a mysterious and heavily-guarded briefcase, the contents of which are a mystery, while navigating a maze of shifting loyalties and alliances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ronin torrent reviews

Andreas J (fr) wrote: Another kitchen-sink movie about the hottest society topics right now. not bad, but not good either because how disgusting it is when the the state is funding all the movies and forcing the director and the screenplay writer to follow a blueprint of stereotypical views just to so all people could understand the movie...

Pablo Z (ru) wrote: Movie should be called. Think like a simp

Antti Q (fr) wrote: Some movies are so bad they come around as good, this one continues another half lap beyond that.

Rida S (it) wrote: INTENSE. Fine acting..One of the films that actually managed to showcase 'Love' the way it is meant to be. Pure. Deep. Innocent..and very agonizing, at times.

Diana P (jp) wrote: I usually don't like Disney channel movies.......the boy is cute though

Daniel G (au) wrote: The fine line between making Rocky win and making it too predictable, and making him lose and making people have a bad taste of mouth as legendary Rocky loses his very last fight. However, I guess the importance of the movie, and the whole series in fact, is to show people it's not really about winning, but always trying you're best and not giving up and nobody teaches that as good as Rocky. Also, training montages. No one's as good as him for that.

Adrian V (es) wrote: pretty bad........ I was expecting more out the director of "Leaving las Vegas"

Liam P (es) wrote: clever, sweet and a very good deadpan performance form Ice Cube Barbershop takes what it has and makes something great with it

Madiha H (es) wrote: an interesting movie. good for the kids i guess

Dennis K (ca) wrote: Interessante Idee, aber sehr, sehr langweilig umgesetzt

Timothy N (nl) wrote: Very well made movie, acting is solid and boast a strong star studded cast.

Tristan M (ag) wrote: Pointless "bio-pic" of a fictional person, this movie borrows (steals) details from the lives of Carol King and Brian Wilson. Quirky character actor Douglas is miscast in the lead. This would have been better as a straight biopic of Carol King.

Kevin L (ca) wrote: Typical Chuck film. If your gonna watch Chuck you know what your getting

MF J (kr) wrote: Following my exploration of Almododar filmography, i had the pleasure to see this awesomely weird film! Once again he's going for it & this time not with the back of the spoon! The cast is once agin absolutely awesome! The situations really disturbing at times, but even though this film falls more toward the social portrait of a Family in the 80's, it keeps all the ingredients dear to almodovar, wicked characters, red colors everywhere, starnge child, and of course 'a mujer' caught into the hardship of daily life stuck between a useless man & a crazy family! Good one! Needs probably a second viewing! Lol!

EmmaLeigh F (es) wrote: I really love this movie. I have watched this multiple times , a lot as a kid but also a lot as a teenager. This is one of those movies that I don't think will ever get old.

Agatha A (br) wrote: "a must-see for anyone interested in film noir and psychological mysteries," begitu review yang tertulis dan sempat saya baca sepintas.alhasil, karena itu pulalah saya berniat untuk segera ikut menikmatinya pula. namun sayangnya, ternyata film ini tidak seperti yang ada dalam bayangan saya. mmm... agak mengecewakan sih, sebenarnya.ide untuk mengangkat tokoh religius dalam suatu konflik sih memang okeh, tapi sayangnya tidak didukung oleh pembuatan alur dan akhir cerita yang... mencekam, seperti yang diharapkan.but anyway, menghibur kok untuk ditonton.

Eliabeth M (ru) wrote: This movie was gross reminds me not to piss off the people waiting on me.

Dillinger P (nl) wrote: Back before Michael Myers had became such a painful parody of himself, he was creating wonderful characters like Wayne Campbell for SNL, who soon became a household name in the early 90's after the release of Wayne's World, an utterly outrageous and hilarious comedy that still stands up to this day. Wayne's World follows the life of Wayne and Garth, 2 local celebrities who host their own show, "Wayne's World" from a basement. The show is stupid and extremely one note, however it is such a hit with the youth that a big shot producer called Benjamin decides to buy the show off the comedy duo and exploit them for all the money he can. Its really simple stuff here, however what the film does do right is stick close to the source materials roots, it never tries to be something its not, it constantly feels like a collage of skits put together for a special edition of SNL and it works for the most part. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are astounding as the comedy duo, with Dana stealing the lime light copious amounts of time with his out of this world character Garth and his perfect comic timing. It is essentially Garth who makes this entire outing so memorable and unique. He is the perfect representation of social anxiety in youth, one we can all relate too and laugh with the positions he gets himself into. Myers is more serious, if thats possible, but the duo work so well together because of this. It's not just a one trick pony, Myers and Carvey continually offer up some of the most memorable and quotable comedy in decades. The film itself is a frighteningly accurate representation of the MTV generation, loud music videos, bright colours, stupidity and fun and Wayne's World really sells all of those ideas. It is not the most intelligent or ground braking piece of material but it unashamidly comes out all guns blazing and acts stupid, getting away with it 99% of the time. A must for any comedy collection, simple and effective.