Rookies the Movie: Graduation

Rookies the Movie: Graduation

Futakotamagawa High School had a Baseball Club, but because of a fight during one of their games, they were suspended for a year from all games. Composed of student delinquents, Futakotamagawa High's new Literature teacher Kawato Koichi inspires the Baseball Club to believe in a dream goal once again. For them, it is to play at the Koshien - Japan's National High School Baseball Championship. But, Kawato Koichi and the newly reformed baseball team run into plenty of obstacles along the way...

Futakotamagawa High School HAD a Baseball Club/Team, but because of a fight during one one of their games, they were suspended for a year from all games. Kawato Koichi is the new Literature... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pedro V (ca) wrote: Nadie me dijo que era una pelcula as. =(

Jonathon M (jp) wrote: Really enjoyed this...can understand why it got great reviews when it came out a couple of years ago.

Antti Q (ru) wrote: A great drama from my favorite European director with a great soundtrack. One of the best Aldo-.. Almodvars I have seen..

Rob (br) wrote: As feel-good as anything by Frank Capra. Miraculous.

Matthew K (kr) wrote: It's hard to believe that this one was rushed out before the planned sequel, "Die Darkman Die." This is the best of the Darkman sequels, though not by much. It's nice to see Larry Drake in his role of Robert G. Durant, though Arnold Vosloo as Darkman is kind of disappointing. While the first movie was a whole lot of dark fun, this one is just incredibly unpleasant for the most part.

Tim H (ru) wrote: Nifty voodoo chiller. There's some creepy visuals and good ideas but the film feels rushed as if a script rewrite would have helped greatly.

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Joshua S (us) wrote: Needed more Christopher Walken.

April M (es) wrote: I love this entire cast, even the one eyed cat

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