Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1979
  • Language:English
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Room for Improvement torrent reviews

Lynn E (ru) wrote: It was pretty good in so far as I found it entertaining, but the movie did have a few issues... predominantly (for me at least, being a musician at my very core) the lyrics. The lyrics to the songs actually made me cringe in my seat during multiple instances. They were filled with poorly-chosen rhyming words. The "rhyming" part wasn't the problem, but rather "poorly chosen" is the key term here. I'm not saying that there were no words to be found that could have fit. It's just that the words they used in many parts of songs sounded as though they were up late finishing the script the night before and, hyped up on coffee with blood-shot eyes, they turn to each other desperately and say "Man, we need a word right now that rhymes with [whatever]... Oh I know! We'll use [this]! It sucks but it's good enough." Yeah... that doesn't cut it for me. Usually during songs I found myself skipping ahead in my mind anticipating one word or another seeing it as the perfect fit, and when they finally sang out the rhyme, it was an entire let-down with the words they actually chose. The writers need a lesson in how syllables fit correctly into a song as well; in a few instances, I could have sworn these songs were written by a fifth-grader. In addition to the above, the beginning of songs in the midst of scenes and/or conversations were often awkward with very little natural flow. It's not impossible to make songs and spoken words flow to and from each other -- and in fact the "flow FROM each other" worked well in most instances, flowing nicely out of songs and back into the scene, but... the beginning of songs were horribly awkward leading to more cringing on my part. The characters were likable enough and Noah Reid did an excellent job skating, acting, and singing this one through. I found Allie MacDonald's acting to be great as well, but I think the whole character fell a little flat in some ways, not to knock a fellow Cape Bretoner of course. I don't blame Allie; I blame the writers of the "Eve" character. I think her part might have been designed to be clich perhaps, but that clich-nature really sapped something from the entire delivery. I could have done without Olivia Newton John in the movie at all, and I actually found her singing to be ... well, "meh". I was definitely expecting more. But I found her acting and her character to be good enough. Overall I think Noah Reid's performance made this movie outstanding in so many ways and in a way he is one of the biggest reasons I recommend watching this film (other than the fact that it's Canadian and I always like to support our own stuff). Also, the subject matter? Hockey? It just pulled me in and held me down in a captivating way. There is nothing quite like watching the sport I love as the central concept in a movie. If you're a hockey lover, it's worth seeing just for the entertainment value of the premise. There was also some great humor in the movie as well which was worked into the movie in subtle but working ways. Conclusion? See the movie, or if you don't in theaters, at least pay for it later on DVD release... skip the illegal downloads and contribute some money to a Canadian project that really did succeed on several levels. However, that being said, the movie could have improved on several key areas quite easily and delivered a far more spectacular performance all-round.

Edward C (ru) wrote: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World(2011)Starring:Jessica Alba,Joel McHale,Jeremy Piven,Alexa Vega,Daryl Sabara,and Simon PeggDirected By:Robert RodriguezReviewAnd to think I use to enjoy these pieces of crap when I was a kid. When I was little I was having fun with the Spy Kids sequels,Lost dreams and Game over 3D. But I watched them again and had a second opinion thinking that they were stupid. This sequel makes them look like the godfather.In the most recent Spy kids movie Jessica Alba is playing a spy who has character name that I really don't remember or care about,who has her last mission catches the bad guy has a baby. Year after that some time keeper villain or whatever the heck his name was,makes time go faster and wants to go back in time to spend more time with his father.Jessica Alba recruits her kids and they must take some diamond and stop the Armageddon device and the time keeper.What immediately ticked me off about this movie is all the marvel references like for example , there is a chase scene in the beginning where the kids are in some CGI spacecraft and there being chased by the time keepers henchmen and it looks like there on the green goblins glider. But wait the references don't stop there,they also have a fight sequence going on and one of the kids have some hammer hands and guess what he says "it's hammer time" and then he lifts one of his hands and lightning is surging through it. That's when I lost it.The movie of course even brings back the original spy kids,but here's a problem with that,they do the cliche of he/she is dead but they come back for the finale of the film for fan service although I doubt this series has fans and with this movie they lost them.Spy Kids all the time in the world is one of those family movies that make me hate live action family movies while the sequels before this were bad this is the worst. I give Spy Kids:All the Time in the World a half out of five.

Michael D (es) wrote: Great Action, beautiful photography one of my favorites

Avishek C (es) wrote: If you have more than a few months salary in your bank you are really lucky, this movie shows it how it is right now

Noname (de) wrote: Clint Eastwood as the director and with actors like Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon this is a movie you most certainly want to see like i did. This flick is a true story based one and follows the story with the newly elected President Nelson Mandela (Freeman) joining / helping South Africa's rugby team for the World Cup serie. Excellent performances once again from Freeman and Damon but many other actors aswell. Its not quite the best flick i have seen in this typical sport drama genre and its plenty of simlilar movies out there which has been really good. Anway its a great flick and a must see on the drama list.

scott g (de) wrote: 2 tales loosly connected, the first of a lonely eye optition, being followed by a guy taking photos, who she takes a liking to, the second a postal worker at a office, told hes going blind, tales are interesting, although not as in depth as id liked, it ends before time also, it be nice tosee another twenty mins or so,

Miguel A (de) wrote: Mesmo sem ficar sequer perto de ser o herdeiro de "The Harder They Come", "Third World Cop" um filme de aco totalmente clich, que vai buscar muito do seu charme a dilogos durssimos entre polcias e ladres de uma Kingston armada at aos dentes. No fundo, a produo de Chris Blackwell resulta quase como um "Cobra" com as cores, o sotaque e o reggae-dub da Jamaica. Pontos tambm para a caracterizao do vilo.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Based on Malle's experiences during the Nazi occupation of France in WWII at a boarding school, Au Revoir les Enfants is a powerfully human drama that certainly went under the radar while being overshadowed by big-budget, simultaneous releases of the same genre. The anti-war, jew-influenced Academy did not fail to spot it and grant it two Oscar nominations. Some complain about the lack of pace and the entertainment value, yet the brilliant direction brings us back to a world most of us never belonged to, just to shatter it right in the end with cathartic results.97/100

Jon H (au) wrote: Rented it many years ago with some friends when I was going to college. Hard to find on DVD. Not a bad flick but definitely one you want to watch late at night. Kind of cheesy at times. Unintentionally funny at times, which is always nice.

Jake W (ru) wrote: A decent action flick with an intriguing storyline that keeps you watching closely. Although there isn't much lacking the movie isn't quite a must see. The Rock for one is as bad ass as always.

Ashley H (us) wrote: Before I Go to Sleep is a decent film. It is about a woman who wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth give okay performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Rowan Joffe did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and mystery.

Gavin P (ag) wrote: A very well-made romantic comedy. Great leads - Gable is much better/likable than in 'Gone With the Wind' and Colbert is cute, annoying and funny all at the same time. Very simple story - she's a rich runaway trying to slum it on the bus/road and he's a reporter in it for the story, until he gives in to their undeniable attraction. Plenty of great lines in a fun film.

Keith C (ag) wrote: Very well executed, and always engaging and surprisingly ballsy and dark, but the final scene seems like a cheat. Most of the movie is a very smart critique of misogyny, and the final scene feels like a betrayal of that, something Hollywood tacked on that doesn't fit with the narrative that proceeds it.

Robert R (nl) wrote: Though it noticeably rides on the coattails of such classics as "Apollo 13" and "The Right Stuff," Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and James Garner's winsome chemistry on screen ultimately makes "Space Cowboys" an enjoyable astronaut flick.

Chris G (de) wrote: Terrible script drags this into beautiful Pacific Ocean. Poor lines and acting from some well-known actors make one squirm in the seat. Great setting in Carmel and some beautiful looking scenes do not make up for a very poor film from what appears as a promising tale. Awkward and awful.

Darren W (es) wrote: Enjoyable blast from the past. Chevy Chase seems to be this character in most things but the plot, such as it is, let's him have some fun. Fortunately, we do too.

Mark K (de) wrote: As a slow-paced thriller the movie is just fine: the acting is really good (I liked Marshall-Green's the most--there was just something about it), and the ending is good enough too. But something about the movie--be it its excessively slow pace or, perhaps, simply the unbelievability of the whole thing, I don't know. It just felt peculiar, and not necessarily in a good way.

Darren B (us) wrote: Decent movie that really deserved more attention than it got.