Room Service

Room Service

The Marx Brothers try and put on a play before their landlord finds out that they have run out of money. To confuse the landlord they pretend that the play's author has contracted some terrible disease and can't be moved. Originally a Broadway stage play by John Murray and Allen Boretz, adapted for the screen by Morrie Ryskind.

A penniless theatrical producer must outwit the hotel efficiency expert trying to evict him from his room, while securing a backer for his new play. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clayton R (nl) wrote: Boring and completely unreal. The lead character has arguable reasoning but is by no means believably written. The dialogue's rewritable and the comedy is slow, has little construction and comes in uneven packages. The only thing that saves this movie is some credible performances from the main cast, but aside from that, this movie is a gimmick and aids British cinema in no way what so ever.

Caty C (us) wrote: Very powerful and eye opening to how the government works behind the scenes.

David B (us) wrote: in my friends recently # locked # when i seen this its not as good as the first but not as bad as the critics say.

John A (fr) wrote: The Cast & Crew Return For This High-Octaine & Adrenaline Fuelled Sequel. This Time Daniel And Emilian Take On A Small Section Of The Yakuza, As They Attempt To Rescue A Kidnapped Japanese Official. Once again Excellent Writing & Acting Is On Form. This Film Takes A More Comedic Take Than The First. My Personal Favourite In The Series And A Must See Film Series (Except From The Final Entry).

Jeffrey C (de) wrote: The visual effect has freaked me out. considerably the best of Hark Tsui.

Brett B (au) wrote: Shanley's script, while often quite funny, doesn't really come together as a cohesive effort (and the humor does clash with the story's more melodramatic elements), but Foster and Turturro are very good, and the film's cinematography captures the time period well.

Jacob H (ru) wrote: Fred Estaire, John Houseman, Melvynn Douglas, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr star as the Chowder Society a group of men who for over 50 years have been meeting every week and telling each other ghost stories and scaring each other. When Edward Wanderly (Fairbanks) oldest son mysteriously dies his other son comes to town (both played by Craig Wasson) and soon after Wanderly himself dies mysteriously. The son thinks that it is the work of a ghost who he once had interacted with himself. He is beginning to think it all stems from the chowder society itself. The movie was adapted from a book of the same name and it is a great story. On the downside Wasson's acting is fuckin terrible he is hard to watch at times. The flashbacks drags on waaay to long and could have really be summed up in about 5 minutes each. Also another thing I hate is when a movie has female character that has a huge role and is supposed to be this gorgeous knockout that everyone is falling over themselves for and the actress that play her is a 6 at best aka the Maggie Gylenahal in Dark Knight Rule. Well this movie has that for sure...Alice Krige is hardly attractive enough for you to believe that she could mesmerize these men with her looks. Astaire is wonderful as always though so this is a movie I suggest that everyone check out at least once. Just make it through the flashbacks and you will be ok.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Tastes like French Cheese & with full of holes--Tripe!!

Silvia O (ag) wrote: Perhaps it is only me who is not accustomed to older movies (which I must confess is true) but sometimes, I just found the acting irritatingly over-the-top and just too fake in its over-dramatization. I can very well picture Antonio as he realizes the Count is actually the Queen, stopping right in the middle of his sentence and staring at her with his big eyes or Queen Christina's innumerable hand gestures. I mean, come on people, ever heard of subtlety ?And yet, I can't help liking it. Greta Garbo is just amazing, even with all the hand gestures. In between the moments of spoof she looks really earnest at times. Oh, and I love her laugh though it's really fake.

Jessica H (it) wrote: Moves along with that made for cable feel.