Harumi Hagiwara lands in the hospital after being involved in an accident. She hits it off with her nurse, Reiko Nishimura, and the two decide to move in together after she's discharged. However, Harumi begins to witness a series of mysterious events soon after noticing Reiko's strange behavior. Additionally, she fears for her own safety when Reiko starts referring to herself as 'Mari' as if she's become an entirely different person. Before long, the situation develops into a case of murder.

Harumi Hagiwara lands in the hospital after being involved in an accident. She hits it off with her nurse, Reiko Nishimura, and the two decide to move in together after she's discharged. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew M (br) wrote: Torture Me No More is filmed like a drunken amateur production of some televised static. It's completely wretched.

George P (mx) wrote: There is a good reason movies are shown late at night, they are crap. It made no sense and was poor in every sense of the word. The only good thing was the 2 goblins fucking at the end.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Asa B (de) wrote: Not as bad as I expected. It was a pleasant surprise to watch Ray Romano and Kevin James play slightly different roles to which we are all accustomed, plus the story is quite engaging.

Tara S (it) wrote: I love movies like this. The silence creates a plot of it's own

Christian B (gb) wrote: brilliant story.. great movie that everyone should watch

Jeff T (de) wrote: Hilarious! This movie is a gem

Sean L (ag) wrote: A decent conceptual drama with a mildly sour twist of social commentary thrown in. Fresh into his career as a leading man, Matthew McConaughey plays into his typecast as a drawling, charming bachelor, this time spiced with the angle of a 24/7 reality show that broadcasts his every waking moment. Naturally, this eventually plays havoc on his personal life, especially when he picks up with his brother's publicity-shy ex (Jenna Elfman). Not quite as interesting or original as 1998's thematic clone The Truman Show, it's still a fair (if light) take on the cult of celebrity with some good, unexpected curves peppering the plot. McConaughey is unbearable in a few scenes, but he's at least believable as the naive, overnight celebrity everyman adopted by pop culture. Warm and charming at times, thin and predictable at others, it's a good effort with a curiously accurate prediction about the surge of reality programming that was on the horizon.

carrie b (br) wrote: long watch, but if you like this sort of movie, well worth it

Monica H (ru) wrote: Very good movie I found..Sad ending..

Mandela W (jp) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most legendary and arguably the greatest director in cinematic history. His films are highly revered in Hollywood and the film community in general and his directing skills are being studied to this day in different colleges and places that teach film. Vertigo was the first Hitchcock film I ever saw then came Rear Window. I finally after many years got around to watch his iconic Psycho film. Psycho is the most classic of horror films one can come across. Hitchcock changed the game once again with this 1960 flick. Marion Crane is a real estate agent who is in quite the predicament as she cannot marry her boyfriend who has serious debts to pay. Marion decides one day to steal a $40,000 payment left at her job and she flees. During her travel out of Phoenix, Arizona she is forced to make a stop for the night at the mysterious Bates Motel where she meets Norman Bates the owner of the place. Norman begins explaining very unusual stories about his mother, the hotel and even displays some disturbing behavior. The movie becomes a suspenseful thriller that proved to be one of the first real slasher pics. I must first point out the truly great and timeless film score. It's so memorable and has been referred to in pop culture ever since. Janet Leigh is pretty damn good here. She plays such a sneaky woman who gets in over her head. you at first feel for her but then as time goes on you see that she may have very well deserved to die. Anthony Perkins is spectacular as Norman Bates. This was such an amazing performance as a truly disturbed man/momma's boy. his facial expressions to his manner of movement and behavior was top notch and just awe inspiring to watchWhat Alfred Hitchcock does here is incredible. He really sets the mood tension and atmosphere with not only the music but with ominous signs. this was one of the first really spooky films. the shower scene is pretty surreal to watch. such a classic moment in cinema and was one of the original bloody moments in movies. I can definitely tell back then that seeing that kind of violence was new and shocking to audiences. Hitchcock took a real chance with that and it paid off. might have been a little overly dramatic but still pretty awesome to witness. it's also a really shocking twist in the storythe writing is phenomenal. lots of crazy surprises happen here. Classic is still a classic. you can really pick a part and study many scenes in here. the ending is a bit overdramatic as well but the point was that Hitchcock was looking to introduce a new brand of fear in the world of cinema and he accomplished that. at the time I can imagine it being quite overwhelming to watch. Psycho is a must see for true film fans anywhere.

Joe S (it) wrote: Not high grade horror, but a good spook fest none the less. Would have liked to see more of the make up effects through out the movie as a whole very much wasted in the short time they are used. The nice mix of spooky and mystery based with the that one comic relief and romantic formula that was expected of the time. The two strip color gives a nice touch to the lab equipment.

Marlene M (ca) wrote: A wonderful film, I can't believe it didn't have a similar success as Matrix, I guess it was because it was more surreal, thought-provoking and maybe too modern for a 1998 audience. It's one of the most underrated, creepy yet intriguing films I've seen.

Margara M (kr) wrote: nada que hacer, uno de los gneros de pelis que maaas amo es el de "pelculas de nias" conocidas como comedias romnticas... pero una cosa es una comedia romntica y otra es basura gringa romntica... no me gust me estrell y se me qued incrustada en la cabeza media estrella...

Orestes C (es) wrote: It was very fun to watch this movie! I really enjoyed it

Kevin D (fr) wrote: Fun way to spend an evening. Favorite line: "We all got to die sometime." "Yeah, but the smart ones put it off as long as possible."