Rooster's Breakfast

Rooster's Breakfast

After being fired, a young car mechanic Đuro gets recommendation to look for another job in a remote village. His new boss is warm, old fashioned and naive - completely opposite from the world he's coming from. The peaceful atmosphere is shaken when Đuro falls for a regular customer's wife.

After being fired, a young car mechanic Djuro gets recommendation to look for another job in a remote village. His new boss is warm, old fashioned and naive - completely opposite from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Warner B (ca) wrote: Overall a good pace, but the re-enactments were lacking

raghu c (br) wrote: excellent movie that creates a good feeling

Katharina H (ag) wrote: Very good one- especially the music :o)

Sora Z (nl) wrote: dark and serious, this movie took animation seriously, which I really love ;) great plot, characters, and the story itself.. could have gone longer, though. I think Saya was really cool, very mysterious :p

scott g (it) wrote: 70s horror, with faye dunaway seeing murders through her photopgrapher eyes, its all rather dull, even though it has that 70s feel, that these type of horrors rift off, it also feels very depalma, which he wasent involved with, dunaway comes off not great in this misoportunity

Peter C (ru) wrote: Okay, this one's really, really, really dodgy but I like it. It has some terrible acting (even for a low-budget horror film, yes that grotesque), a truly stupid script, amazingly shocking dialogue. But it has pretty cinematography and a once respectable director slumming (he made the great Titanic film A Night To Remember) Its Peter Cushing and a gang of kung fu fighters versus Dracula and his vampire monsters, protecting a small village. So its Maginificent Seven in China with Kung Fu and vampires. What's not to love.

Mikel K (es) wrote: I'm always surprised at how highly esteemed Adam Mason's films are by the horror fan community. Blood River, like the repulsively overrated Broken, is a two hour self-indulgent mess about redemption and personal limits. What passes for profundity and depth is really nothing more than pretentious adolescent misanthropy. The acting is good enough, and perhaps Mason is a competent enough director, but I think he really needs to start making other people's scripts.

Luis R (ca) wrote: Once again Hollywood's McDonaldization of a great film fails miserably.

John A (mx) wrote: Wolf Creek is a 2005 horror film directed by Greg McLean.This is a good horror film, but I'll start off with the worst parts of it. Firstly is pacing issues, especially at the beginning of the film. It takes roughly 45 minutes for the backpackers to get to Wolf Creek. There are also very mild pacing issues while they are being threatened by the antagonist, but not nearly as bad as the extremely slow start. Secondly, the characters are quite boring (despite really good acting). There was really nobody to root for, and yes, I do understand it's "based on true events", but Greg (he also wrote the film) could have fleshed out the characters a bit more.Now for the pros. I have to give huge credit to the director of photography (Will Gibson) for providing some of the most breathtaking shots I've ever seen in a horror film. It is a truly great film to look at. Also, the direction by Greg McLean is fantastic; there are some very suspenseful scenes in there and the tension after the slow build is mostly consistent. There is a pretty intense chase scene which will have you on the edge of your seat. The acting is also great with a truly frightening performance by John Jarratt as Mick Taylor. Overall, Wolf Creek has a weak start and boring characters, but finally picks u again in the second act with fantastic cinematography and gruelling tension.IS IT WORTH THE WATCH... Yes!