Roots Rock Reggae

Roots Rock Reggae


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:reggae,  

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Roots Rock Reggae torrent reviews

Kevin F (ca) wrote: This movie will have you bustin up laughing!

Sophie P (es) wrote: It's quite nice and pretty cool. It goes on our hearts and we must cry. In a nutshell it's fantastic!

Christopher E (ag) wrote: "V/H/S" is an inconsistent anthology, and although it manages to provide some disturbing imagery and gut wrenching moments, it ultimately fails to provide any meaningful, long term effects and is all over the place in quality."V/H/S" is an anthology film, which means it is a series of short films put together while a bigger story occurs in the background. A group of lowlife criminals who often take derogatory jobs accept a mission to infiltrate a seemingly lifeless home in order to steal a specific VHS tape. What's on this VHS tape is unknown, and they come across a wealth of films. In order to find the right one, they begin to watch each tape, slowly unraveling a gruesome discovery each time.Now to start out, I truly hated this film the first time I watched it. It infuriated me in many different ways, and I was truly upset at my experience with this film. However, being the horror fanatic that I am, I decided to give this film another chance. Upon watching it a second time, I was still sorely disappointed. I still found many things to be wrong with this film, and although it earned a little more credit the second time around, I was still unable to get myself to enjoy this movie.There are 5 little short films throughout the movie, along with one other story-line playing throughout. Now, the films are mostly a hit and miss. A couple of them were actually very effective in what they set out to do, while others missed the mark completely. Now, considering this was a combination of six different directors, you're going to get different styles within the film, but that doesn't excuse the lack of consistency within this film. In order to really do this review justice, I'm going to briefly talk abut each short film with spoilers."Tape 56" - Now this is the primary story that takes place throughout the film, otherwise known as the narrative. This follows the group of criminals who break into the house in order to steal a certain tape. Now, I understand the narrative aspect in an anthology, but this felt like a complete waste. One of the first things the do in this film is they strip a girl of her clothes and forcefully show her breasts in order to make an easy $50, and not only does that establish them as assholes, but creates a desire to see them killed off. They aren't people you care about, and I understand that that's not the point, but it's still not excuse for crappy characters. Every time they watch a film, something changes between takes or they start seeing things, but to be honest, I wasn't all that interested. It was a simple way to advance the plot, and a useless one at that. This short film receives a 1.5/5 stars."Amateur Night" - The first of the five films follows a group of friends who's goal is to record them having sex with random women. After bringing back a couple women from a bar, they begin to have sexual activity with one of the girls. However, this girl is creepy and odd in every way possible. Not only is she abnormal, but she manages to give off an uncomfortable vibe every time she stares at you. I actually found this film to be quite effective, as this was a truly terrifying monster. Turns out, she's a Succubus (I looked it up) which is essentially a winged demon who seduces guys in order to fulfill her needs. Before a threesome breaks out in the room, she goes on a rampage, killing nearly everybody in the process. Her face was one of the most disturbing things I have ever witnessed, and nearly made me look away from the screen. 4/5 stars."Second Honeymoon" - The second of the five short films follows a young couple on their vacation. In one of their first nights at the sleazy motel, in the middle of the night, someone records them as they sleep. The intruder plays around with the girl's lingerie as she sleeps, and even decides to screw with the man's toothbrush. Seemingly just a creepy experience, the couple goes on the next day without a clue. The next night however, the man is stabbed and killed, revealing that the wife was in on it the whole time. Now, I appreciate the effort at putting a twist into this film, but it ultimately fell flat. There was nothing really that creepy or mind blowing like what the first short did, and I actually found this one to be quite boring. No flavor was in this one, and was the second worst short on here (Not counting the narrative). 1.5/5 stars. "Tuesday the 17th" - This one, in my opinion, is by the far the weakest of the shorts. It follows a group of friends who go out camping in the woods. However, as they hike through the woods, the leader of the group, Wendy, slowly revels to them the horrors of what happened here. She later reveals that she brought them all here as bait so she could exact revenge on the entity that killed her friends the previous year. After her three friends get slaughtered, she activates multiple booby traps in an attempt to kill this thing. None of them provide success, and the beast proceeds to murder her, ripping out her intestines and inhabiting her body. Now, this was the film that angered me. I was constantly frustrated with the morals and intelligence of the characters, again proving that unlikable characters can ruin a movie. The inability to film said being was interesting enough, but the cheap scares and cheesy shoe ins of past deaths really felt pale, and nothing here made the hair on my arms raise. 1/5 stars."The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger" - The fourth film takes place entirely over a webcam. A seemingly normal couple talk over a webcam, while the girl becomes worried that her apartment may be haunted. After several revelations, she is soon attacked and passes out. Surprisingly, her boyfriend, who was thought to have lived miles and miles away, was right next door the whole time. He was working with aliens in order to incubate eggs within her body. Now, this is one of the more interesting shorts, providing some uncomfortable imagery (All the films actually contain this) along with a twist. Although I wasn't affected by the paranormal/invasion aspect of this film, the twist enough made my eyebrows raised and my jaw on the ground. Things also added up together in the end, making it worth the run time. 3/5 stars."10/31/98" - Last but certainly not least, we follow the story of a group of friends who head out to a Halloween party. They unknowingly arrive at the wrong house, but assume it's the correct one. They mistake mysterious sounds as effects and ghostly figures as a haunting gimmick, but soon come across a group of men in the attic performing a ritual. They are sacrificing a girl, and the boys even go along with it, but they quickly realize that what they're experiencing is real. As they escape through the house, objects are flying everywhere and hands are coming through the walls. This was definitely the most flashy and thrilling one of them all, as four guys try to escape a house that's closing on itself while hands reach through the wall. This was the most intense one of them all, and was probably my favorite short here. 4.5/5 stars.After talking about all the films, you can just see the lack of consistency in quality this movie offers. The acting often varies from film to film, some containing decent actors while others lack in that area.There is really no story or substance going on in this movie, so don't expect some meaningful, smart horror film, but rather, 5 gory shorts that don't necessarily add up together. Speaking of which, this film is extremely gory. Don't watch this for the faint of heart, especially if you're a casual viewer. There are plenty of disgusting moments that nearly made me turn my head away from the screen, and there was plenty of creepy imagery to keep you up at night. Personally, it didn't really get to me, but it will definitely make others squirm.The movie also has that mentality that every short has to have nudity or sexual activity of some kind. Many women are often objectified or treated as sex objects, and it felt very unnecessary. In all, this is a different kind of film. I completely understand that some viewers will love this movie, while others will hate it. I can recognize that there's quality to be had in this movie, but I personally just cannot see it. In the end, I tried giving this movie another chance, and although I didn't hate it as much as I did the first time, it still left much to be desired.

Christopher A (us) wrote: A slow movie with nice scenes. Explores the power of language and the limits of conciousness. ""... In the end, this moral law is something vague that depends on each person. So where does this lead us? To chaos. Right?...""

Yonatan G (gb) wrote: not really reliable but that's not the point..slow, delicate and thoughtfull.. for lovers of nanni moretti and italian cinema.

Hayden H (de) wrote: Surprising suspenseful and unsurprising that it ends with not much excitement from the middle to give it a decent unoriginal end that these films go in but I do give credit to Ti West as he made all of suspense but with all the delays during the best scenes, all his hard work is ruining. With an unique style but too focus on how it sounded and looked. B-/C+ is what I weigh on it, but don't be fooled its definitely worth a look!

Jally J (ca) wrote: Nice actors, too bad the movie story isn't so good. And btw... black bikers?..just not used to it

Bill B (nl) wrote: I would guess that this is the type of flick that may grow on me with a repeated viewing or two, but my initial impression of women loving men to death is on the low ball side.I know this is available in a double-feature with another MGM movie, so I might eventually pick that up and give them both a go, see if it grabs me a bit more.Rental?

Ernesto S (br) wrote: French director Claude Chabrol was a master in his field. I greatly enjoyed this film in the middle of a packed theater yesterday night.

Dean H (kr) wrote: Obviously not as good as the Dollars trilogy, but still very enjoyable.

Gregory W (ru) wrote: good stuff great action

Kevin S (gb) wrote: School teacher Annie Tarrant is haunted by what happened to her father who was slashed to death. Then cames to the realization that the candyman is in fact real. She starts by finding out what happened to her father and then starts digging into the candymans past. This is a great sequel that I think if you enjoyed the first one you will enjoy this one. It's great too that they show what happened to him and why he became the candyman. A great horror movie and a satisfying sequel.