Röövlirahnu Martin

Röövlirahnu Martin

10-year-old Martin meets a cat, who turns into a boy who helps Martin to solve his problems which occured after he changed school.

10-year-old Martin meets a cat, who turns into a boy who helps Martin to solve his problems which occured after he changed school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (au) wrote: The only thing worse than having a family like the one in "Another Happy Day" is watching a film about them. Masochists rejoice, as this extremely dry drama about a family getting together for a wedding is almost two hours of pure screaming, crying, and catty relatives. As much as I wanted to enjoy Ellen Barkin and Ellen Burstyn, the overwhelming and dire performances they deliver are unbecoming, not too mention Barkin's collagen-filled face distracts from any real moments she may have. The one performance that rises from the ashes of this film, and makes it somewhat worth the hassle, is Ezra Miller, as the drug-addicted, smart-mouth son, who continuously stirs the pot of emotions, while remaining brilliantly poised and believable amongst a slew of counter-intuitive acting.

EmmaLeigh F (de) wrote: The actors in this movie did an excellent job of portraying their characters accurately. The movie was really good and I have watched it more than once. However if you haven't read the books yet and you plan to don't watch the movie yet, it pulls in a spoiler from book 5.

Dave M (br) wrote: Ahh Jeunet. You can do no wrong my Frenchy friend. Micmacs is easily his most accessible film to date, and like all his previous work, you can't help but marvel at the man's creative genius. This one ranks a little lower for me, but I still had a smile across my face the whole time. Micmacs is the perfect introduction if you're not familiar with his work. I'd then move on to his more profound films like A Very Long Engagement, City of Lost Children, Delicatessen, and finally the masterpiece; Amelie.

Jamie B (gb) wrote: When I watched this upon its release a decade ago, I remember thinking it was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen... I think that pretty much sums it up.

Anja S (gb) wrote: I loved it! It's excellent and brilliant, and Christian Bale is nothing less than great as Bobby!! It's a beautiful story...

weston m (mx) wrote: Despite little character development and a predictable outcome, Talk Radio is entertaining and unique, heavily because of Bogosian's performance.

Freddie F (kr) wrote: A blood-soaked matrimony between three of my favorite things: sprawling, incomprehensible science fiction, gross-out body horror, and Tobe Hooper.

Willie C (us) wrote: Cheesy but enjoyable cheesy.

John S (jp) wrote: Not bad, but it's not at all related to the rest of the series. Still, neither was The Invisible Woman, and that wasn't bad either. Campy fun for the right audience.

Bradley R (jp) wrote: Quite possibly one of the most underrated movies of all time.

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Zach T (nl) wrote: Good little sojourn into Irish history even if the film wasn't entirely accurate.

Jeff B (es) wrote: OK, I understand that this is based on an actual event, but I didn't find this rendering adding anything to one's understanding nor did it have any aesthetic appeal. Not a fan of Ms. Watson. As yet, she has not developed much depth and breadth of character and feeling to convey more complex characters or those outside Harry Potter fair. I found the film to be somewhat cliche, in the sense that based in past similar films, the viewer was aware of what was coming and the conclusion: cult perversion and corruption to the core and eventual escape by the protagonists. Nothing new here. I was rather nonplussed, so much so that I found myself leaping ahead to the end later in the film to gain back some time and to confirm an anticipated conclusion. Ho hum at best. No need to waste your time.